Good-bye, Adelaide…

In the blink of an eye, our 4D3N stay in Adelaide has come to an end…

Our sumptuous breakfast this morning:

Yes, there’s just something about breakfast at hotels that we love πŸ˜›

Good-bye Hotel Grand Chancellor (on Hindley), it’s been a great stay πŸ™‚

As the pricing didn’t make a lot of difference, BUT the timing of departure from the hotel did, we decided to take a cab from the hotel to the airport – we didn’t want to spend too long idling at the airport.

We’ve got fragile items in our luggage πŸ˜‰

Good-bye Adelaide…

J’s inflight entertainment:

1 reason J loves the window seat:

Our inflight meals:

Our second serving of wine each…

After the tour of Penfolds, we can now appreciate wine better πŸ˜‰
And of course, cheese and biscuits to go with the wine! πŸ˜€

Mango ice-cream for dessert!

A little high after those wine but very happy!! πŸ˜€

Hot chocolate and then a nap?

A little snack and we soon touched down in Singapore…

Much thanks to Treasury Wine Estates for the visit to Penfolds Winery.
This 4D3N getaway has been really great and fruitful for us.
Because of how we landed early on Wednesday, we had time to roam the city and even checked out the South Australian Museum.
And then, because it was a halfday tour of the Penfolds Winery the day before (on Thursday), we could walk around Adelaide somemore and got to visit St. Peter’s Cathedral.
AND THEN, because there wasn’t any flight back yesterday, we got an extra day in Adelaide and could visit Cleland Wildlife Park! πŸ™‚
This trip has really been a huuuuuuge blessing! πŸ˜€


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