Welcome to OWC! ;)

This evening, we were back at his place and I received a letter to welcome me to the ‘Officers’ Wives Club’ (OWC)… So, such a club does exist huh… Somehow, I had always doubted its existence… >.<

"…Your steadfast love, sacrifices and support for your husbands allow them to carry out their duties without distraction. You are a very important part, integral and precious to the military community and our nation. (So ‘Total Defence’-ish, but I like! :P)

OWC was established for wives of SAF officers to know one another, acknowledging their bond to the SAF and supporting one another in their roles as wives and mothers. This network and support group allows wives to understand their husbands better and manage particularly when their husbands are away on extended periods on duties locally or overseas.

Do the wives really ‘get together’? Or is this just for the ‘high-flyers’? Hmmmm…

I think in my case, (since the hubby is in the navy) allowing wives to sail for a bit does good to the relationship! 😛


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