Hu’s Married! (I)

2 months ago, we got married 🙂

Today, we finally find time to share the photos from our actual day, which we collected a few weeks back 😛

J getting her hair done:

Our bridesmaids having their breakfast and preparing for gatecrash, “The gate crashing session is to challenge the groom’s sincerity and love for the bride and the door blocking tradition demonstrates that the bride’s family is unwilling to marry her off because of their love for the bride.“:

That’s Jan in the background preparing a huuuuuuge ‘wedding contract’ for D to sign 😉

That’s the ‘spicy’ food for the 酸甜苦辣 (sour-sweet-bitter-spicy) gatecrash segment (which is supposed to signify the array of feelings in a marriage?):

This is Yen:

Preparing the ‘sweet’ food for the 酸甜苦辣 (sour-sweet-bitter-spicy) gatecrash segment – mango with sugar and condensed milk 😮

Gareth and Ben helped Hui Lin out with preparing the ‘bitter’ food for the 酸甜苦辣 (sour-sweet-bitter-spicy) gatecrash segment:

Yue You provided some bitter-concoction using TCM:

Blended celery with the bitter-concoction.

Jie Ling preparing the ‘wedding contract’:

While all that was going on, J was memorising her wedding vows:

That’s Elbson, J’s make-up artist:

J’s mum was very pleased with Elbson’s skills when she went for trial make-up 2 weeks before our wedding.

Jie Ling, who’s still working on the ‘wedding contract’:

Gareth, flaunting the bitter-concoction and sweet-desserts:

Our 7 lovely bridesmaids:

Hui Lin, Jie Ling, Yen, Yuyin, Yue You, Janise and Cheryl.

Love Hui Lin’s and Yue You’s expressions:

Hui Lin still has that look of disgust for the bitter-concoction:

We can feel Cheryl and Yue You’s “well-wishes” to D and the groomsmen 😛

Check out the celery-fibre!

Love the bridesmaids dresses we got from Intoxiquette as well as the 3 sis-bros’ shirts (which they bought on their own):

Janise, Hui Lin and Yuyin getting ready for gatecrash:

Getting the spicy-food ready:

J is almost ready!

J’s brother, Terence, heading out to open the car door for D:

The bridesmaids have some polaroid fun while waiting for D and his groomsmen to arrive:

The ‘wedding contract’ is pretty funny:

These ladies are really awesome!

After the ladies left, it was time for Mummy and Daddy Tay to put on the veil for her – one of the tear-jerking moments of the day:


J’s eyes were welling up:

J had to look away to prevent tear(s) from falling 😐

This is the second time that Daddy Tay hugged J (not a very “huggy” family 😛 ):

The first was the night before.

The bridesmaids and sis-bros heading for gatecrash:

D arriving in Daddy Tay’s CLK, with personalised car decals by Uncle Mike:

(The red packet in D’s hand is for Terence.)

Terence opening the car door for D:

(The 2 oranges Terence is holding are to be placed in the bridal car for ‘good luck’.)

D receiving the oranges from Terence and handing him the red packet.

Terence has been given the red packet to thank him for his effort while D has received the oranges for the bridal car.

Our 7 groomsmen with the groom:

Hong Rui, Siang Yew, Derek, D, Guang Rong, Bin and Yi Liang.

Gatecrash game #1: Morning Yoga Stretch-Out –
Form “I Love Jas”, 1 letter each:

Gatecrash game #2: Twister, with an eggy twist –
Pek, Gar and Ben explaining the rules of this game:

The usual Twister but in pairs with an egg between them at parts dictated by the dice.

Guess who?

The groom and best man with an egg between them:

Yi Liang and Siang Yew balancing an egg between them:

They were obviously quite a hilarious sight!

The 3 sis-bros continued rolling the dice to determine where the egg goes between the pairs of them:

The egg between Derek and Francis broke!

That means a level of stairs to frog-jump! (Yes, a rule that was set – 1 level of stairs for every egg broken…)

They really did the frog-jump:

As the sis-bros distracted the groomsmen and D, the bridesmaids returned to J’s place to lock them out:

Gatecrash game #3: Ice scrabble –

But look how they’re picking the tiles:

Using chopsticks – Korean chopsticks (jeokkarak), which aren’t easy to use! 😛

Using the letters found, D had to form adjectives that describes J:

Our Best Man, Guang Rong, trying to get Janise, the Maid-of-Honour/Chief Bridesmaid (as she’d like to call herself), to let the fellas in:

D attempted to buy his way through so that his brothers do not need to “suffer” more games:

Uh, D used foreign currency and obviously failed!

Eventually, Cheryl unlocked the gate for them to enter:

And then the gate was locked again so that the groomsmen cannot dispose of the 酸甜苦辣 food:

The groomsmen were obviously trying to wriggle their way out:

BUT to no avail:

Our favourite expression for the day, from Bin 😉

Bin’s facial expression was really classic 😛

Lemon-smiley! 😀

D’s tolerance for spicy food is high, and so he’s first:

Check out how everyone seems to be anticipating his response:

Jan reading out some questions about J:

Think they got the answer wrong, and so they need to be ‘punished’:

D was acting the answer to a question:

Hui Lin stunned while Jan bewildered by the answer?

MORE chilli!

Check out Hong Rui’s expression, it’s really spicy:

Question, “What was Jasmine’s CCA in JC?”
While Siang Yew attempted to guess, Bin said, “Library.”

J was NOT in “library” in JC; she was in the softball team!

Question, “Where did D and J meet?”

For letting slip the answer, D gets punished:

With suuuuuuuuuuuper spicy chilli!

Grab a lemon each:

Give a lemon-smiley!! 😀

Question, “J has a scar from chicken pox. Where is it?”

D points to ‘right’ wrist:

It’s actually on J’s left wrist! 😛

Gatecrash game #4: Door-confession –
Pick the room that J is in, kneel outside it and read the 11 commandments aloud, then sign to agree:

The 11 Commandments:
#1. I will love you even on you ugliest bad hair day.
#2. I will wipe your drool when you’re old.
#3. I will clean up your puke when you’re ill (or wasted).
#4. I will do all the dishes AND all the housework.
#5. When we quarrel, you are always right.
#6. You are always right, even when you’re utterly and hopelessly wrong.
#7. When in doubt, just say sorry.
#8. I’ll be your chauffeur to driver you anywhere at your beck and call.
#9. I will take you out of Singapore for vacation at least once a year.
#10. You will be allowed to take anything and everything pink home.
#11. My money is your money, your money is your money, our money is still your money.

*fine prints* I therefore agree to ALL over the above terms and conditions.

With this, I pledge my love for you.
Signed, Daniel Hu

When D read “#9. I will take you out of Singapore for vacation at least once a year.“, one of his brothers exclaimed, “Bring her to JB!”

SO, the bridesmaids modified it to “#9. I will take you out of Singapore for vacation at least once a year (different continent).“. 😛

D then slotted a red packet under the door for J to check if the amount is “right” for the bridesmaids, BUT J wasn’t in that room to check!
J was in another room, so D had to re-read aloud the 11 commandments:

D finally got through all the “gates” to his bride 😉

The veil represents the bride’s chastity, purity and modesty. By lifting the veil, it represents the bride’s submission and willingness to enter into the marriage and trust that she is marrying the right man.

D now has his bride!

Mummy Tay helped D pin the corsage upright:

Family photo with the Tay Family:

Photo with Grandma Teo (Mummy Tay represented Grandpa Teo):

Photo with the Tan Family – J’s cousins (Donavan and Dennison, their sister Gladys was away on a school trip), Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Daniel:

J hugs Daddy Tay before heading to D’s place:

J hugs Mummy Tay too:

When leaving the bride’s home for the groom’s house, the bride’s father will escort the bride out to the car using a Red Umbrella. This is to symbolizing warding off the evil spirits as well as to provide good shelter for the rest of the life.

Love the car decal which Uncle Mike did for us using J’s design of our hologram:

Upon leaving the bride’s home in the bridal car, the bride will throw away a Red Fan out of the car window. This is to symbolize throwing away her bad tempers and habits before starting a new life in the groom’s house.

On the way to D’s, along KPE:

D’s brother, Jun Han, came to “welcome” J:

At D’s place:

In our matrimonial room:

The couple will usually eat “Tang Yuan” 汤圆 to symbolize a complete and sweet marriage.

J and her secondary school pals

Pek, Ben, Gar, Yen, Jan, Jie Ling

J with her bridesmaids and sis-bros:

1st row: Yuyin, Cheryl, J, Jie Ling.
2nd row: Yue You, Hui Lin, Pek, Ben, Gar, Yen, Jan.

Next, was the tea ceremony (敬茶), “A Chinese custom whereby the bride is introduced to the groom’s family.
The couple will first offer tea with red dates to the parents, followed by the grandparents, uncles and aunties, and elder siblings. The elderly will normally give blessings in the form of red packets or jewellery. Younger siblings will in turn serve tea to the wedding couple.

There is no need for unmarried elder siblings to give gifts to the couple for the tea ceremony. For younger siblings or cousins who served tea to the couple, the couple will present red packets to them.
D’s parents:

D’s mum putting on a necklace she custom-made for J:

D’s paternal grandparents:

Grandma Ow giving J a bracelet:

Red packet from Grandpa Ow:

Eldest Aunt and Uncle (D’s Dad’s sister and brother-in-law):

2nd and 3rd Uncles (D’s Dad’s brothers)

4th Uncle and Aunt (D’s Dad’s brother and sister-in-law):

Youngest Aunt (D’s Dad’s younger sister)

As the other relatives weren’t around yet (it’s still really early in the morning!), we headed out for some fun shots:

With the groomsmen and bro-sis:

With the bridesmaids and sis-bros:

We then headed back for some food and drinks.

Abi brought back a bottle of wine for us, our first wedding gift:

With D’s primary school mates:

Abi, Derek, Siang Yew, Yi Liang and Francis. (Ting Yun isn’t from D’s primary school, she’s Francis’girlfriend.)

With D’s Navy buddies:

Guang Rong, Bin and Hong Rui.

Family photo with the Hu Family:

Huuuuuge family photo with the Hu Family!

We then continued with the next part of tea caremony:
Grandpa and Grandma Tan:

Uncle and Aunt (D’s Mum’s brother and sister-in-law):

Uncle and Aunt (Another of D’s Mum’s brother and sister-in-law):

Uncle and Aunt (Another of D’s Mum’s brother and sister-in-law):

Aunt and Uncle (D’s Mum’s younger sister and brother-in-law):

Jun Hao, D’s 2nd brother:

Jun Han, D’s youngest brother:

Huuuuuge family photo with the Tan Family!

Once we were done with the tea ceremony, it was time for J to change into her tea dress and head back home:

We’re back at J’s place:

We then had to consume hard-boiled eggs in red-dates soup:

Apparently it’s for fertility, but googling its significance states, “as a symbol of the bride leaving her family and moving to the groom’s place. To add fun to this, the mother of the groom often adds a hard boiled egg so that the groom faces a difficulty in breaking the egg, which is a symbol of the fact, that the groom finds it hard to gain his bride.

We’ve been so busy all day we haven’t even had a chance to cuddle the fur-ball!
Since we were having a little breather, we decided to let him find Mummy and take a photo with us:

One and only photo 😦
If he were more obedient, we’d have loved to have him be with us at church!

After our little breather, it was time for tea ceremony.
Grandpa and Grandma Teo:

Daddy and Mummy Tay:

5th Grand-Uncle (Grandpa Tay’s younger brother):

Uncle Jimmy (Daddy Tay’s brother):

Aunt Geraldine and Uncle Daniel (Daddy Tay’s sister and brother-in-law):

Aunt Annie and Aunt Esther (Daddy Tay’s god-sisters):

Uncle Siang and Aunt Linda (Daddy Tay’s younger cousin and cousin/sis-in-law):

Uncle Mike, who helped us with the bridal car decal, and Aunt Evelyn (Daddy Tay’s younger cousin and cousin/sis-in-law):

Aunt Kelyn and Uncle Joseph (Daddy Tay’s younger cousin and cousin/bro-in-law):

God-Grandma and God-Grandpa (Mummy Tay’s God-parents):

‘Big’ Grand-Uncle (Grandma Teo’s eldest brother):

‘Serangoon’ Grand-Uncle and Grand-Aunt (Grandma Teo’s brother):

‘Second’ Grand-Uncle (Grandma Teo’s brother):

Grand-Aunt (Grandma Teo’s sister):

Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Angeline (Mummy Tay’s brother and sister-in-law):

Uncle Patrick and Aunt Evelyn (Mummy Tay’s second brother and sister-in-law):

Uncle Derrik and Aunt Santi (Mummy Tay’s youngest brother and sister-in-law):

Aunt Wan (Mummy Tay’s cousin):

Uncle Kae (Daddy Tay’s buddy, who flew in from Thailand):

Terence, J’s younger brother:

Cheryl, J’s younger sister:

Another family photo with the Tay family:

Family photo with Grandparents Teo:

Family photo with Daddy Tay’s God-sisters, Aunt Annie and Aunt Esther:

Family photo with Dipern, Uncle Jeffrey and Aunt Angeline:

Family photo with Tricia (our flower girl), Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Patrick and Trella:

Family photo with Uncle Derrik and Aunt Santi:

Family photo with God-grandparents:

The (almost-)complete Tay Family:

If only Grandpa Tay and Aunt Magdelene were around… :’)

Photo with the extended Tay Family (I):

Photo with the extended Tay Family (II):

Photo with all of J’s cousins:

When we were done with the tea ceremony, J had surprise birthday celebrations planned for Grandma Teo and Daddy Tay:

Happy Birthday, Grandma Teo!

May you stay healthy and happy always! 😀

Happy Birthday, Daddy Tay!

Briefcase for Daddy Tay from J, Mummy Tay, Cheryl and Terence:

New bag, new year, new clients! 😉

Uncle Seng, Daddy Tay’s good friend:

We rested a while before heading to St. Patrick’s Chapel for our Holy Matrimony; and while we were resting…
Uncle Seng and Uncle Jimmy took a photo:

Cute! 😛

All ritey, we’ll blog about the Holy Matrimony (Part (II)) and Banquet (Part (III)) of our wedding another time when we find time… 😀

Just for Part (I), we’ve been really blessed by and are really thankful to:
1. Daddy Tay for the bridal car, Mummy Tay for helping with the ribbons for the bridal car and Uncle Mike for helping with the car decals on our bridal car.
2. Our groomsmen and bridesmaids who arrived at our respective places at 430am to get ready.
3. Janise, for ensuring the gate-crash ran promptly and smoothly.
4. Guang Rong, for helping with the tea ceremony admin and safe-keeping the money.
5. Our siblings for their help with ensuring the catering is in order and for opening the car doors.


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