Farewell (1)

This evening, we met up with 2 groups of people for the hubby’s farewell party.

Readers, meet his ex-department, his comms guys onboard 208…

We had steamboat at Hey Hey Hotpot, it’ll be the first of many steamboat sessions since CNY is coming up! 😛

We then had to ‘rush’ off for round 2 with his Navy colleagues.
No photos were taken for the night BUT there was lots of drinking, obvious from the photo!

It’s a celebratory and farewell night for the hubby.
We’re really thankful for God’s provision for his studies overseas.
We’re also really thankful for this wonderful bunch of colleagues/friends who have been really nice and supportive!

It was a really great night of singing, catching up and drinking…
When the night ended, 1 of us was drunk after mad drinking of 2x Graffigna Cabernet Sauvignon, 2x Beefeater Gin, 12x Erdinger, 2x Guinness Surger, 11x Hoegaarden, 18x Jagerbomb, 1x Kilkenny, 4x Tiger mug!
No prize for guessing (the original) Hu!


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