Hello, West End!

With the exams finally over, the hubby brought me out to the Davies Park Market at West End for brunch with his friends.
It was a different experience at the market – with fresh produce, fresh meat/seafood being sold as well as a bazaar area which sold little souvenirs/items – and I enjoyed myself 🙂

That’s the Swizzle-potato that’s pretty yummy, and a product of some cool engineering/science device 😉

The West End Market includes just about everything you want in a market. There’s a great range of garden-fresh fruit and veg, a unique collection of new and second-hand goodies and a chillaxed Saturday morning vibe. All of this takes place under the shade of large fig trees, keeping the markets lovely and cool even in those summer months.

Davies Park Market at West End
Davies Park
West End
QLD 4101
Tel: 0431 019 454 (This phone is only in use on Market Day.)
Hours of Business: Saturdays – 6am to 2pm


2 thoughts on “Hello, West End!

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