Barbie time!

Nah, it’s not that we played with Barbie (dolls) BUT that we had a barbecue – yes, ‘Barbie’ is the Australian slang for barbecue!
We had the barbie at our cell group leader, Adam’s house, using a hole dug in the ground! 😉

It was a great time of fellowship and a good time for the wifey to get to know the other brothers and sisters in UQ3.

That’s Daniel Oliviera and the hubby leading us in a game of charades.

GT, Jessica and Henry getting the fire going.

That’s Shevonne, Audrey and Abby.

Pardon the lousy photo though, we wanted to show how there seemed to be an extra leg sticking out of Abby in the photo. 😐

When the barbie was almost over, the cell group celebrate the hubby’s birthday too. 🙂

CGL Adam and the hubby – Adam bought us a book, The Love Dare, and a bottle of wine as “welcome gift” too.
Thank you so much!

We’re really thankful to have a spiritual family here to keep us grounded in our walk with God; and also because they’re mainly students, this group would be an even greater support during the assessment period. 🙂


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