Sydney Dream Day 3

We woke up this morning with an absolutely aching body, the thighs, especially, were ‘burning’, from our ski session yesterday… šŸ˜

Anyway, we went for a morning walk with Abi at Lake Jindabyne.

What a misty morning!

We’d thought we were early, reaching at 10am…

Of course, many others were earlier!

We watched some kids learn skiing…

Aren’t they cute?
The kids learning are much better than adult learners like us, maybe it’s the lack-of-fear of falling down or embarrassment?

J got lazy after lunch, and so decided to chill on the toboggan instead…

Of course, D joined in too.

The way down was of course amazingly, insanely fun!
BUT the trudge up was absolutely draining… šŸ˜

While waiting for John and Rex to return from their skiing, Diane, Abi and J built a snowman. šŸ˜›

When they were done, we returned our ski equipment then headed to Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery which was in Jindabyne.

They had a great variety of special liquor.

We had a little liquor tasting session šŸ˜‰

The couple that has drinks together, stays together šŸ˜›

D had a feel of what it’s like being behind the bar.

Wouldn’t it be cool for us to have a bar at home? šŸ˜‰

Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery
Wild Brumby Distillery on Urbanspoon
Corner of Wollondibby Rd and the Alpine Way
NSW 2627
Tel: +61 (02) 6457 1447
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 10am – 5pm in summer, 10am – 6pm in winter
Note: Closed on Christmas Day

We shopped a little there and then hurried home for dinner as we were starved.

Yes, we had steamboat for dinner!
It’s awesome to have hot, piping food on a cold, winter night with an awesome bunch of friends! šŸ˜€
We nearly triggered the fire alarm too šŸ˜›

We’re getting into the habit of getting a magnet of places we’ve been to šŸ˜‰

This birthday, we tried skiing for the first time.
We fell many times but we picked ourselves up time and again, like in life. šŸ™‚
Although it’s been a body-aching, back-breaking, thigh-shattering 2 days of skiing, we’re glad we did it šŸ˜€

We’re thankful too, for the awesome company!


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