Sydney Dream Day 4

This morning, we left Jindabyne to return to Sydney, and dropped by Goulburn en route for a heritage tour.

That’s the Goulburn War Memorial Tower.

Once you set foot into the tower, this would be what you see:

A white granite block on which a bowl and remembrance flame are placed.
Behind it is a polished wood plaque bearing the badge of the Australian Military Forces and the words Lest We Forget and R.A.N. (Royal Australian Navy) and A.F.C. (Australian Flying Corps, now known as the R.A.A.F (Royal Australian Air Force)).

Adjacent to the flame is the main wall of the tower stairwell:

It is a large white marble Honour Roll with the names of those who served carved and blackened into the four white plaques.

The stairwell is lined with photos of World War I.

Climb up the stairwell and you’ll get to the lookout gallery at the top of the Memorial, it provides spectacular views over the city of Goulburn and its surrounding environment:

Just before we leave, we saw this plaque at the entrance to the tower, behind the door:

We walked around a little bit more and came by St Saviour’s Anglican Cathedral:

It reminded us so much of St. Peter’s Cathedral which we saw when we were in Adelaide last year.

When we were done with our last stop in Goulburn, we continued on our journey back to Sydney.

Abi brought us to MUMU Grill, Sydney’s best steakhouse, for dinner:

It was a really sumptuous and filling meal with the wide array of sides we could order; J is not steak-lover but she thinks this is a must-try! 😉

MUMU Grill
Mumu Grill on Urbanspoon
70 Alexander Street
Crows Nest
NSW 20659
Tel: +61 (02) 9460 6877
Hours of Business: Wednesdays to Sundays, Lunch from 12pm to 3pm
Open 7 days a week for Dinner from 530 pm to 1030 pm


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