Sydney Dream Day 9

Day 9 of our Sydney Dream is a full day of wine-tasting at Hunter Valley with Australian Pacific Touring.

Our first stop was at Drayton’s Family Wines.

He was a great host.

Cheese & Biscuit, J’s favourite!

5 glasses of wine later, we went to Lindemans.

3 glasses of wine later, we headed to Hermitage Road Cellar.

We had lunch at the San Martino Restaurant beside.

Our last stop was McGuigan Wines.

We tried:
1. 2005 Bin 9000 Semillon – World’s Best Semillon
2. 2012 Cellar Select Pinot Grigio
3. 2012 Cellar Select Gewürztraminer (bought a bottle)
4. Black Label Red (bought a bottle)
5. 2010 Personal Reserve Shiraz
6. 2012 Cellar Select Noon Harvest Merlot
7. 2013 Late Picked Traminer
8. NV Personal Reserve Tawny

20th glass of wine – cheers to D’s awesome results, better ones to come in the semesters ahead and J’ll return to Singapore with a PhD of “Tai-Tai-logy”! 😛

We were given some time to roam and enjoy a cuppa coffee at Amanti Gourmet Coffee; the café had some pretty interesting products…

Caffè latte with marshmallow.

We walked around a bit and came by another interesting shop:

The coach brought us back to the city and we headed to Gumshara for ramen.

There were 2 types of broth available – thick or thin; J loved the thick broth while D preferred the thin.
Both of us loved the ajitsuke tamago (Japanese Marinated Soft Boiled Egg for Ramen)!
Definitely value for money – awesome ramen at food court price!
Gumshara is near Paddy’s Market – Shop 211, 25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket, NSW 2000.
Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon

Day 9 concluded with a night of drinks with Abigail, John, Bing Yi and their PWC-Sydney mates!


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