Sydney Dream Day 11

It’s Sunday and we’re in Sydney, so we decided to head to Hillsong Sydney (City – Young Street) πŸ™‚ (If our itinerary allowed, we would have loved to go to C3 Sydney too…)

It felt kind of surreal to finally be at Hillsong and being part of praise and worship ‘live’…

Same bible, same message, but being away from home and seeing the above reminds us so so SO much of CHC – loving God wholeheartedly and loving people fervently. We see that the move back home to Suntec is awesome, we’ll join everyone at home when we return to Singapore for 4 months in November, enjoy home for us in the meantime!

We noticed this when we were leaving…

It definitely got us smiling! πŸ˜€

This was beautiful too!

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told…” πŸ˜‰

After service, John, Abi and Bing Yi brought us out for brunch…

Yes, dim sum brunch!!

The ζ΅ζ²™εŒ… (liu3 sha1 bao1) (Salted egg custard buns) at Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant was absolutely yummy! πŸ˜€

Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant
Sunny Harbour Seafood on Urbanspoon
9 Crofts Ave
NSW 2220
Tel: +61 (02) 9585 1633
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – Lunch 10am to 3pm; Dinner 6pm to 11pm

After brunch, they dropped us off in the city and we went shopping…

At Paddy’s Market! πŸ˜€
J was here in April so it wasn’t new to her while D prefers Chatuchak, but of course, Paddy’s Market is definitely less hot/humid!
(Which reminds us – we miss Bangkok and want to go back some day to eat, shop, massage, rest and relax!!)

We then checked out the city and saw a loooooooong queue for Emperor’s Cream Puff from Emperor’s Garden Cake and Bakery, Haymarket…

It was pretty interesting watching the puffs being made by the machine and the staff who was dexterous with her plastic tong (as can be seen how quickly she moved)…

“No photos” (of the machine?) – anyway, J got a photo πŸ˜›

The puffs are walnut-shaped and golden.

Since they were going at 4 for $1, we bought a dozen of them!

The puffs are fluffy and yummy! πŸ˜€

While making our way to Sydney Fish Market to meet Abi and John, we came by an interesting-looking water display:

That is Robert Woodward Spiral Water Feature in Darling Harbour

Hello Sydney Fish Market!

We’re here for freshly shucked oysters, salmon and kingfish sashimi, scampi, scallop salad.

J just tried the 4th oyster ever in her life, see how reluctant she was…
Verdict: J still does NOT like oyster, though freshly shucked. She also does not like sashimi, even though she’s tried it again too… 😑

Sydney Fish Market
Pyrmont Bridge Rd
NSW 2009
Tel: +61 (02) 9004 1100
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 7am to 4pm
Note: Closed on Christmas Day

We then headed back for a great Sunday cook-out by John, Abi, Daniel, Bing Yi and Soke Yee!

John’s fried rice was really tasty!! πŸ˜€
He’s got a ‘fire stove’ (instead of induction cooker) so that really helped…

Our very sumptuous dinner of “East meets West”…

Fried rice, steak, soup and mashed potato…

And the evening continues with wine and ice-cream…

8 flavours there – from Messina we have Salted Caramel, Red Velvet, Mr. Potato Head and Choc Mint and from Passion Flower we have Sticky Rice, Black Sesame, Azuki Red Bean and Matcha.

Such a sinful night of feasting…

Yes, we finished 4 bottles of wine!

Intoxicated (with good food, ice-cream and wine) us after showering – we’re really blessed to have great friends like these πŸ™‚

Good night y’all!


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