Sydney Dream Day 12

After a pretty intoxicating night, we woke up a little later this morning.

We had these 菠萝包 (bo1 luo1 bao1) (Pineapple bun), which we bought from a bakery near Sunny Harbour Seafood Restaurant after dim sum yesterday, and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast.

For lunch, we headed to Jamie’s Italian.

J’s wild mushroom ravioli (filled with garlic, wild mushrooms & artisanal ricotta, served with a rich mushroom & tomato sauce) – super yummy and she loved it!! 😀

D’s black angel spaghetti (Squid ink pasta, scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine & capers) – it was nice but he didn’t quite like it. 😐

Special for the day – seafood risotto, which both of us liked 🙂

The tiramisu (Coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate) was pretty good too! 😀

Very sumptuous and satisfying lunch! 😀

Jamie’s Italian
Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon
107 Pitt Street
NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (02) 8240 9000
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 1130am till late

We then took a long walk to the Australian National Maritime Museum, passing by the Cenotaph, at Martin Place:

J was here for the Anzac Day Dawn Service in April 😉

Hello, Australian National Maritime Museum!

We went onboard HMAS Vampire:

We also went onboard HMAS Onslow, a submarine:

We could see Westfield Sydney using the periscope! 😀

We also went onboard HMAS Endeavour (replica), which James Cook took on his 1768 – 1771 world voyage.

At the museum, this picture caught our eyes,

Singaporean and Australian naval commanders in Darwin after carrying out a joint exercise, June 2002.

Also saw the Naval Prayer,

O Eternal Lord God, who alone spreads out the heavens, and rules the raging of the sea; who has compassed the waters with bounds until day and night come to an end; be pleased to receive into your Almighty and most gracious protection the persons of us your servents, and the Fleet in which we serve. Preserve us from the dangers of the sea, and from the violence of the enemy; that we may safeguard unto our most gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth, and her Dominions, and a security for such as pass on seas upon their lawful occasions; that the inhabitants of our land may in peace and quietness serve you our God; and that we may return in safety to enjoy the blessings of the land, and with the fruits of our labours and with the thankful remembrance of your mercies to praise and glorify your holy name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Naval Prayer was first published in England in 1962 in the Book of Common Prayer.

It has stayed mostly unchanged since that time, with the main exception being a change to reflect the name of the current king or queen.

It is read at ceremonies such as commissioning and decommissioning of ships, Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day commemorations, church services, dedications and christenings.

There will be an International Fleet Review in Sydney from 3rd to 11th October 2013; a pity we wouldn’t be able to fly back from Brisbane…

Cute Titanic bears!

Australian National Maritime Museum
2 Murray Street
NSW 2000
Tel: +61 (02) 9298 3777
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 930am to 5pm (6pm in January)
Note: Closed on Christmas Day

When we were done with our visit to the Australian National Maritime Museum, we met Abigail for a run with the Nike-Sydney Run Club.

Sightings during the 7km run:

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Luna Park is in the background.

Jimmie Durham‘s Still Life With Stone and Car.

J’s longest distance ever run in a long, long time her entire life!

During which J saw a lot (Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and the “car wreck“) and thought a lot (J wondered why she was running, why she was running when on a holiday and what she’s doing here…).
Everything felt like a… Nightmare in a dream, the type when everything’s good and then suddenly you’re free-falling in a bottomless pit.
J did not stop only because she’d finish earlier, and she realised what her colleague said(about running) was true, “Running is a solitary activity, and when you run, you can think things through.”
J thought over quite a bit of stuff but she still does not know.
ANYWAY, bottom line: J still HATES running.

After the run, Abigail and John brought us out for dinner at Albee’s Kitchen:

Pretty decent Malaysian food – closest we can get to Singaporean food! 😛

Albee’s Kitchen
Albee's Kitchen on Urbanspoon
282 Beamish St
NSW 2194
Tel: +61 (02) 9718 8302
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 10am to 10pm

As Bing Yi wouldn’t be able to send us off tomorrow (how time flies! It’s our last day already! 😦 ), he bought us a box of zumbarons as farewell gift:

We also left Abigail and John two ‘farewell sailors’ 😛

They’ve been really awesome hosts, bringing us around Sydney the past 12 days…
Thank God for such great and lovely hospitality!
We shall extend the same hospitality when they visit us in Brisbane in September 😉


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