Deep Sea Fishing…

After our long day of fun at Movie World yesterday, we were up early today and back at Gold Coast, near Sea World, again; except, not to go to Sea World but to go deep sea fishing (as is obvious from the title!):

Really love the view we got out at sea…

We love the serenity of the sea 😉
No photos of us fishing because we were busy trying to get a catch, but terribly failed – nope, we did not manage to catch any fish at all; our friends did though 🙂

4 hours later, we headed to Charis Seafood for lunch.

The place was swarming with seagulls!

The pelicans were a beauty to watch…

We’re growing to love them 😉

It was soon time to pelican feeding…

See how all of them are now facing the other side?

J wanted a photo with them after they were done eating…

But she got too close for their comfort and they flew away, that scared her a little 😛

On our way back from Gold Coast, we stopped by Ikea Logan so that our cell-group mate, Zoe could grab some stuff.
When we were done shopping, J grabbed an ice-cream:

It somehow tasted better than when she had it in Singapore 😛


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