Happy 4th birthday, Tibbit!

It’s the best friend’s birthday today but I wasn’t around to celebrate it with him 😦
I’m probably missing another 2 birthdays before I go home for good. 😦 😦 😦

ANYWAY, Happy birthday, Tibbit!
I miss you a lot, a lot, A LOT.
Wish you were here to ‘protect’ D and I… 😐
Thank you for being such an awesome friend the past 4 years! 😀
I’ll be home with goodies for you in a bit! 😉

Much thanks to Cheryl and Mummy Tay for celebrating your birthday on my behalf; glad you get to have a cake every year and I’m thankful for Skype and Whatsapp that I can watch you savouring your cake…

I’m superbly homesick, looking forward to going home in 52 days…
In the meantime, I’m hanging on and staying strong…


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