Falling People!!

Early this morning, we headed to Ripcord Skydivers at Glenore Grove.

A few funny signs they have around:

J, Abby, Audrey, Darien and Shevonne did a tandem jump while D and Ben went solo.
It was a really great experience, the tandem instructor was really awesome – he kept all of us calm and cool during the briefing, in the plane and before the jump; he also helped us have a really great time in the air! 😀

We’ll let the pictures then the videos do the talking of how our skydive went:

Our tandem “instructor” who was really fabulous!

Glad we got to take the same plane because the timing fits – D had a whole morning of preparation before his jump.

This is how the tandem-skydivers gotta land.

We were getting our videos taken as we made our way to the little plane:

On our way to the little plane…

More training went on when we got to the plane…

Soon, we were all up in the little plane and ready for take-off!

D being told to get ready to jump…

(Cameraman taking photos and video of the solo-skydivers SUCK, really; Ben’s photos and video were screwed up too!)

Door’s open and he’ll be stepping out soon…

The next few photos would justify that the cameraman taking photos and video of the solo-skydivers really SUCK:

Oh! We can finally see who’s skydiving… =.=

Shevonne, Abby, Ben, Audrey and Darien camwhored while waiting for us to take off and land…

Photo by cameraman, compare it to the next photo, which was taken using J’s iPhone by one of our pals…

Cameraman couldn’t even do a decent shot of D’s landing! Grrrr.

Uh… That’s D keeping his parachute; it’s supposed to look like the next photo…

The solo-skydivers had to keep their own parachutes so that the wind does not carry them away.

Check out the group photos with D, who just landed:

You decide for yourself the skill of the cameraman…

In the meantime, while the above happened, J was strapped to the instructor and getting ready to jump off the plane; safety checks being carried out…

J was tightening the belt to make sure it was really tight.

Almost ready to jump…

Seated at the door and jumping off in a few counts…

Aaaaaand off they go!

No idea what’s up with J’s legs, flying alllllll over! 😛

Super awesome feeling to be free-falling!! 😀

Instructor checked the altitude to have a gauge of when to open the parachute…

They’ve got a little more to free-fall 😉

Instructor checks the altitude again…

And they free-fall somemore…

The instructor’s really “savouring” the jump…

Instructor gets ready to pull the cord…

J’s still oblivious that her free-fall would end soon 😦

The cord’s been pulled…

And they stay up there while the cameraman continues with his free-fall a little more.

Pretty good landing J had…

J’s superbly awesome instructor!

The tandem-skydivers’ awesome cameraman 😉

Another shot with the tandem-instructor 😀

1 item off the bucket list, yay!!

Here are the videos for our jump:

ANYWAY, because the month of August is also Singapore’s 48th birthday and we’re celebrating it away from home, we decided to send our well-wishes in the video… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! (Yea, somehow said “Happy National Day” instead in our nervousness/excitement 😛 )

Ripcord Skydivers
2 Curtin Road
Glenore Grove
QLD 4342
Tel: +61 (07) 3399 3552

We had to wait quite a bit for the videos to be ready; we then headed off for dinner at Gatton, where J met up with Yuyin at her place…

Yuyin brought us out to dinner nearby…

It’s been a really awesome day and we truly enjoyed ourselves; thank God for His protection for all our jumps 😀


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