Happy 48th birthday, Singapore!

It’s Singapore’s 48th birthday today but we’re away from home. 😦

SO, we went for a live screening of the National Day Parade 2013 organised by the Overseas Singaporean Unit together with the University of Queensland’s Singapore Students’ Society (UQ SSS) and Queensland University of Technology’s Singapore Students’ Association (QUT SSA) πŸ™‚

There was Singapore food sold too!

Definitely not fantastic but good enough to soothe our homesickness…

There was also a photo-booth:

Our favourite part was to watch the parade:

Singapore is really our home, where our hearts are…

Once again, Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore!
You’re really an awesome country and we’re looking forward to return home in about a month’s time, and then in November, and finally for good in November 2015!

P.S. We’d wanted to skydive with the Singapore flag but couldn’t find any here, and weren’t sure if it’ll flout any safety regulations. 😐

P.S.S. We also had Visitor #4, Yuyin, at our place this evening BUT we forgot to take a photo together when she was at our place 😦


2 thoughts on “Happy 48th birthday, Singapore!

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