Hello, Jetta!

Today, we finally collected our “new” car:

We sold the Peugeot GTI and got a Volkswagen Jetta.

We experienced a lot of God’s grace when we sold the Peugeot GTI and got the Volkswagen Jetta.

We bought the Peugeot GTI in April at $8,100.
Then, after a car break-in (followed by a house break-in that same night – how unlucky / “lucky” are we!) in July – J has been feeling insecure about the car.
SO, we decided to try to sell the car at $8,000.

A first buyer came to take a look, picked on the state of the car and offered us $5,000 – which we did not want to accept as it was too low.
A second buyer came, also picked on the state of the car and offered us $6,500 – which we also did not accept.
A third buyer came, his daughter loved the colour of the car, barely checked the car out and offered $7,500!

The first and second buyers called within a week of us posting the ad.
Honestly, we were pretty worried that no one would want to buy the car as it’s not a very popular model.
The third buyer called a week later and the deal was closed in a jiffy! 😀
We’re glad we waited instead of sold the car to the first or second buyer… 🙂

While trying to sell the car, we were also trying to get a car.
We found a Volkswagen Jetta at a really cheap price of $7000 – a price too good to be true.
When we took it for a test-drive, it seemed fine too.
Still feeling a bit uneasy, we arrange for a mechanic to take a look at the vehicle – the mechanic only took a look at the oil tank and told us not to buy it, he did not even want to collect the full sum of $150 which he charged for a full-check.

Though we really liked the car, we would obviously be “courting death” if we went ahead to get the car even though warned by a mechanic! 😐
SO, we had to let that go and continued looking.

Then we found another deal – same model, lower mileage, “younger” – but pricier, at $13,000.

It is wayyyyy out of our budget, but we decided to take a look and see if we could negotiate anything.
We got a mechanic to check the car – it was in good condition.
We tested the car – still loved it.
We decided to negotiate for a better price – we got it; as the seller had already purchased a new car (new addition to the family and so needed a bigger car!), he wanted to sell the car ASAP. Also, apparently no one has asked to view the car…

We’re really thankful for God’s grace in the selling and purchase of our cars! 😀


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