Reiji 零次 – Touch Me Party

We got to know about the Reiji Touch Me Party:

And decided to have a Friday night out.

We started our Friday evening with dinner at Harajuku Gyoza:

Loved their wide variety of gyoza!

While waiting to take our group photo, J tested the camera and captured these candid shots of the rest checking out other guests drinking saké:

If you do visit Harajuku Gyoza, be sure to order a saké! 😉

We’ve had a few beers and saké, but we’re totally sober!

Harajuku Gyoza
Harajuku Gyoza on Urbanspoon
394 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006
Tel: +61 (07) 3852 4624
Hours of Business: Open 7 days a week – 12pm till late
Note: Harajuku Gyoza does not take reservations, so you’ll have to turn up and queue for your table.

Isn’t it good to have such posters in clubs?

We were really early and were also lucky enough to be able to get a table in the club; we got the table under Jieyu’s name and so he’s the VIP and we were waiting for him 😛

We had a designated server and were not allowed to help ourselves to the alcohol:

The alcohol would be locked away in a cabinet under the table after the server is done pouring our drinks.
We also get a change of glass after every drink.

Another shot after a round of drinks and before the server leaves.

The stickers all have a different meaning, forgot what though.:P

After quite some drinking, it was time to hit the dance floor…

Spot who’s “sotally tober”!

Yep, this is Mr. Sotally-Tober:

Girls’ photo with 2 photo-bombers…

Guess what Mr. Sotally-Tober was trying to do:

He was trying to ‘eat’ the light…

Sleepy drunk dancing? 😛

Ben tried to kiss Mr. Sotally-Tober to test his sobriety…

It soon got too crowded and we decided to head to the upper level to chill; look how crowded it is!

Think we wouldn’t be clubbing for awhile…
It’s not only too expensive to club here, but also relatively boring because the variety of drinks here really sucks. (Maybe it’s because we don’t know how/what to order?)


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