Market #5 – Eagle Farm Markets

This morning, we decided to check out Eagle Farm Markets, which is only open on Sundays, as we’ve been going to the Davies Park Market at West End too often.

The fresh foods are pretty similar. (How varied can fresh foods get?)

Seen other ‘fresh’ juicers but not like this where the juicing is done “live”:

Think we’ve seen Noosa Chocolate at Brisbane City Market too?

As with other markets where we go to for brunch…

We had brunch at Eagle Farm Market too! 😀

Right where we were seated, there was live music by Yacob Fonoti:

When we were done eating, we went shopping!


We also saw a colourful pony when going to check out the “suitcase rummage”…

Suitcase rummage in the background:

Eagle Farm Markets
230 Lancaster Rd
QLD 4007 ‎
Hours of Business: Sundays – 7am to 1230pm
Note : Entry Fee of $2.00 per person applies; Children under 15 years enters free if accompanied by an adult


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