Hello, Hillsong!

We’re from City Harvest Church and have been trying to find a church to grow in in Australia – we’ve been going to one and though we enjoy the fellowship as well as the friends made there, we’ve been feeling spiritually stagnated. 😐
We were at Hillsong Sydney (City – Young Street) in July when we were on our holiday in Sydney and really felt at home 🙂
Since we returned from our holiday, we continue going to church but still felt something amiss.
We prayed for God to help us find a church to grow in – if it’s where we’ve been going to in Brisbane, we prayed for God to open our hearts and help us; if not, we prayed for Him to show us where to go.
Then, one day, a friend of ours told us about Hillsong Brisbane.
And so, today, we decided to visit.

As it was Father’s Day (in Australia), there was a special performance:

Seeing this reminded us so much of home:

Of course, the same bible is used in the other church, but somehow the message of “loving God wholeheartedly and loving people fervently” doesn’t get conveyed as clearly as in Hillsong Brisbane.
However, we are still not too sure if Hillsong Brisbane is where we should be planted as of now; so we’ll continue praying about it, continue attending service and letting God show us where He wants us to grow at. 🙂


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