When we went for service today, we were talking to Jieyu about wanting to settle at a church as soon as possible, where we could grow closer to God in our walk with Him.
Service soon started and we didn’t continue talking about where we should go to but we did mention that perhaps we should attend a connect group at Hillsong Brisbane and see how things go from there.

The sermon was really powerful and it touched our hearts, so we re-dedicated our lives to God.

After service, a lady approached all 3 of us to talk to us – we didn’t know that we had each raised our hands!
So, anyway, we received a bible from Hillsong Brisbane:

Also, we spoke to her about our situation – that we’d like to attend connect group but are worried that it’ll be far from where we live and hence may have difficulty travelling from school; then something amazing happened – she said there is a connect group right in our suburb!
Wow? WOW.

Then she asked for our contact details and would hand our details to the connect group leader, who would contact us.

The 3 of us (Jieyu and us) are really surprised at how our ‘prayer’ (or more like conversation) was heard and answered so quickly.
We’ll be going to connect group soon so that we can fellowship and have brothers/sisters who may help to keep us grounded 😉


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