Tibbit’s 1st Staycation! (II)

A very good morning to y’all from a very active Tibbit:

He was up and about once the alarm rang – not giving us any chance to snooze!
He’s been a really happy dog here on his first staycation! 😉

As we went about getting ready to leave, he got himself all comfy on the bed again:

He has almost blended in with the bed!
And those eyes… We’re going to find it so difficult to leave him in Singapore while we return to Brisbane for another 2 months of D’s studies… 😥

Tibbit having his breakfast:

Good-bye Regent Singapore, we had a really great 2D1N of quality time with Tibbit.

We really enjoyed our stay at Regent Singapore – it wasn’t just the quality of service we received during the stay that made our staycation enjoyable; there was also the prompt post-booking pre-stay follow-up by the staff about our check-in timings as well as finding out more about Tibbit 😉
We may be back again when we’re back in Singapore from November to February (depending on how our finances look then), but this was a really good staycation for us to spend quality time with Tibbit! 😀

On the way home, Tibbit looked really sad and teary…

We teared up too – starting to feel homesick even before we leave 😥

Tibbit’s back home…

We’re really going to miss this furball when we’re away; J is already counting down to being home and hugging this furball again!

Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715
T. +65 6733 8888
Worldwide toll free numbers for room reservations


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