Hello, Tangalooma!

Early today, we set off to the Holt Street Wharf to board our ferry for Tangalooma:

Our Sydney pals – Bing Yi, Dyane, John and Abigail – arrived this morning:

What we can do during our stay:

With the sun shining bright and the sea looking so welcoming, we’re definitely going to have a beachy Friday! 😉

The sea really looks so so so welcoming!!

We went for lunch before checking in.

Our appetizer?

Super heavy lunch before we kayak, snorkel, chill and soak up the sun! 😀

130PM and we’ve finished half a dozen beer!


We made our way to our room:

Our room:

Complete with a kitchen/food-prep area:

Beautiful scenery from our room:

We rested a little then headed to kayak and snorkel – no photos here cuz J lost her waterproof camera in the break-in and so we couldn’t take any photos…
Nonetheless, it was a really awesome experience snorkelling near the wrecks – wish we had brought our dive cards so we could dive!

After kayaking/snorkelling, we sat out in the sun for a bit to chat and drink (more beer) 😛
We felt a little lethargic and headed back to our room to rest for a bit before wild dolphin feeding and dinner.

As night fell…

We made our way to the wharf, where the dolphins would be fed:

Quite a lot of people were already gathered at the wharf:

Can you see the dolphin?

Wildlife educator sharing about protecting marine life:

As well as teaching us how to hold the fish when we feed the dolphins:

It’s time to go feed the dolphins!

That bucket contains the fish for the dolphins:

Bing Yi (posing with a fish) and John, waiting to go feed the dolphins:

Sill Storm’s food:

Fish in our hands and we’re ready to go feed dolphins! 😀

J is so thankful for Abi’s pullover – it totally slipped her mind to bring a jacket; it’s a beach holiday right?? 😛

A group photo after we’re done feeding the dolphins:

Find the crab!

We headed for dinner after the dolphin-feeding.

Cauliflower soup:

Coffee or tea:

Chocolate pudding and custard:

What we could choose to eat:

The cauliflower soup was pretty tasty:

J decided to have a “fusion”-tea of peppermint + Jasmine green tea:

Our second meal of this trip, and we’re over-eating again:

Another group-shot to “end” dinner:

We ended our day with this:

Insane night of silly games that got us intoxicated and insane 😛

P.S. We couldn’t decide to categorise this post under ‘staycation‘ or ‘vacation‘ as we’re currently staying in Brisbane, where it’s kind of ‘home’ yet not really either… 🙂


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