Brunch @ The Coffee Laboratory

Today, we headed for brunch at The Coffee Laboratory because D got a good promotional offer for it. We’re impressed with the quality of coffee and food as well as the warm, friendly service.

We were seated right inside and so had a “good” view of the café:

Loved the cozy feel to the place as well as the rustic decors:

Oops, bad lighting (or bad camera, depending on perspective).

J’s soy latte with honey and D’s long black:

The coffee was really aromatic and rich. 😉

J’s bacon & cheese quiche with garden salad:

The quiche was a little tasteless but the garden salad was pretty yummy (what could go wrong with salad??).

It’s barbie Friday and so D had barbecue pork and beef with rice and salad:

D was really satisfied with his choice – the meat was juicy and not too dry despite being barbecued.

We waited quite a while for our food but it was worth the wait. 🙂

We’ll be back for brunch but probably not anytime soon because D’s going to have his exams soon and then we’ll be back in Singapore. (Yay!! 😀 )

The Coffee Laboratory
29 Bishop St
Kelvin Grove
QLD 4059
Tel: +61 (07) 3108 8574
Hours of Business: Mondays to Fridays – 6 am to 3 pm
Saturdays – 8 am to 1 pm
Sundays – Closed


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