See you next year, Brisbane!

Day 156: We’re all packed and ready to leave this house to go home!! 😀

J has learnt a lot the past 156 days – she’s learnt to not let people who do not matter upset her. She’s learnt who are the people who truly matter. She’s learnt to cook (a little wee bit). She’s learnt that things do not become easier, but that she’s become stronger. She’s learnt that no matter what life throws her, she has God to turn to while D, her family and true friends have her back.

Good-bye to this house and we look forward to a loving home when we return next year – a place not filled with smoke nor grouchy, unhappy faces BUT a place filled with love (we’ll have our friends over instead of not at all) and (food) aroma (yes, I will cook more next year!).

We’ve learnt to not let people who do not matter upset us. We’ve grown closer to each other and to God. We’ve experienced an abundance of God’s love and grace. We’ve learnt that we have what it takes to go through obstacles (by His grace and love!). We’ve become stronger through all the obstacles – we understand even better that no matter how difficult life may be, God has equipped us with what we need to go through life and become stronger. We overcame because we stuck together!

See you next year, Brisbane, thank you for the past 156 days of gloom, though J would have appreciated 156 days of bloom better, BUT it’s all right, thank you for drawing us closer, letting J discover what life is and what she’s made of!
Thank you for making us better people and for letting us realise who we want to be and who we do not want to become…
As much as J wishes to say, “See you NEVER.”, she can’t (because of certain circumstances), so she’ll say, “See you (as little as possible)…” 😛
2014 will be an even better year! 😀

Our last brunch for 2013 (in Australia) at the Brisbane International Airport:

We’ll see everyone back at home soon!! 😀


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