See you next year, Singapore!

Today, we leave for Shanghai, where D would be going for a one-month-long “Summer China Program for Australia“.

Early this morning, Hong Rui and Hui Lin picked us up from D’s place to send us to the airport and have breakfast with us.

We are so very grateful for and blessed by this lovely couple.

Darien is going for the program too!

We’ve got company and are going to travel (parts of) China!! 😀

J’s in-flight meal of curry chicken with rice:

Tastes pretty all right… Guess curry chicken can’t go too wrong?

D’s in-flight meal of braised fish with rice:

Fish is fresh and D likes it.

YAY! We’re travelling again!! 😀

Side-note: The cabin crew responsible for our aisle was grouchy and hostile – we needed two extra travel declaration cards cuz we filled them out wrongly and when he came by, his arms were folded and he asked, “What do you want?” Shocked by his hostility but not going to let it spoil the trip…

We hopped on a cab to get to our service apartment:

The cabby is “encased” in his seat. We’re guessing it’s to protect them from abuse or robbery?

See you next year, Shanghai International Airport!

This is the “南浦大桥” (Nanpu Bridge):

After a 45-minutes cab ride, which costs RMB 181 (SGD 38), we arrived at our accomodation for the next 2 nights.

New Harbour Service Apartment (上海新黄浦酒店公寓)

What welcomed us at the lobby – it’s still Christmasy!

Would be perfect if it snows! 😛

We were checked in pretty quickly as there wasn’t a queue at all.

Our kitchen:

Our dining and living room:

Our shared toilet:

Darien’s room:

Our room:

View from our unit:

So what if it’s a Lamborghini? It still got fined for being illegally parked on the walkway!

After going to a few restaurants but not wanting to queue, we ended up at 围炉夜话古法烤全鱼 for pan-grilled fish.

We were somehow starving and ordered some starters to get us going:

This is the pan-grilled fish:

It’s a bit spicy for J, but she’s somehow loving it… Maybe it’s because of the cold?

It somehow looks like we’re having pizza instead? 😛

We also ordered fried rice to go with the fish:

Most of the patrons only had the fish, without any sides…

围炉夜话古法烤全鱼(亚龙国际广场店) (Grilled Whole Fish; Yalong International Plaza outlet)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
黄浦区 (Huangpu District)
金陵东路500号 (500 Jinling East Road)
亚龙国际广场 (Yalong International Plaza)
3楼301号 (Level 3, Unit 301)
Tel: +86 021 3366 5733

After dinner, we went “shopping”!

We didn’t want to lug these from Singapore.

As we were contemplating which brand of bottled water to buy, a Malaysian who overheard our conversation came by and recommended the Nongfu Spring water:

Say we’re paranoid/pampered but we do not want to drink water from the tap; the tap water in China is NOT potable unlike that in Singapore.
At that point in time, we couldn’t google what brand of bottled water is best to drink here and really need to hydrate ourselves, so by faith, we bought the Nongfu Spring water.

We also bought packs of tissue paper for businesses we may have when we’re out.

We’ll be ending our first day in Shanghai with a movie and beer; those snacks are J’s, hopefully she doesn’t get too fat!! 😛


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