Eat, shop, eat, shop, EAT!

This morning, we headed to 中国联通 (China Unicom) to get our pre-paid SIM Card for our 1-month stay in China.
As we wanted a plan that had less talktime (the talktime doesn’t allow one to make overseas call anyway), more data (since we’ll Whatsapp or browse the net relatively more) and allow interstate usage (we would be travelling to Beijing next week), we were advised to get a basic plan A (50 minutes talktime, 300 MB of data, 240 text messages, free incoming) with a top-up of 500 MB data, costing RMB 96 (RMB 66 for plan A and RMB 30 for the top-up).
However, the plans only start on a new month, so since we’re a few days short of the new month, it did not make any sense to pay a full RMB 96 for usage of a few days (it’s quite bizarre a system here…); we decided that D would pay RMB 30 for 500 MB of data for usage these few days (J would have to rely on wifi for a few days, but that’s fine…), then we’ll both have plan A with extra data starting 1 January 2014.
It was quite an experience trying to get our SIM cards and communicating our needs with our rusty Mandarin! 😛

Once the “admin” was settled, we headed to 上海1号私藏菜 (Shanghai No.1) for dim sum brunch; we were there last night but because they didn’t have as wide a variety of dim sum at night as in the day, we decided to go back this morning instead.
Not too sure what’s good, so here’s what we had:

叉烧酥 (Roasted Pork Pastry) – J liked the pastry but D found the filling too miserable.

Forgot the name of the dish, but the guys liked this.

皮蛋瘦肉粥 (Congee with century egg and lean pork) – we loved the texture of the congee 🙂

Fried spring rolls.

流沙包 (Salted egg custard bun) – pretty yummy!! 😀

We’re in Shanghai, of course we need to try their 上海小笼包 (Shanghai Steamped Dumplings)! These are just normal, not the best we’ve had; looking forward to better ones in future! 😉

叉烧包 (Roast Pork Bun) – worst ones we’ve had! The amount of filling was pathetic 😦 Quite a disappointing dish, but maybe this is how their buns are? 😐

生煎包 (Deep-fried dumpling) – one of the better dishes here. The meat was juicy and the bottom half of the bun fried just right while the top is fluffy. 😉

We’re looking forward to trying 小杨生煎 (Yang’s Dumpling), which is one of the top 10 food in Shanghai!

These egg tarts were tasteless. -makes face-

These durian tarts were filled with processed durian and tasted funny 😐

The enoki mushroom dish was fine – how wrong can one possibly go with cooking them? 😛
At least this is something J could try cooking next year! 😉

It’s a pretty large restaurant, but we didn’t manage to get photos of the restaurant as we were seated in a “private room” (with many other patrons of course; they’ve got a number of tables in that room).
It’s kind of smoke-free – patrons are not allowed to smoke in the dining area but can smoke in the waiting area or corridor (and so the smoke still gets in anyway, just not as much =.=).
It’s a pretty nice place to dine at, except for the smoke to bear with… 😐
We spent RMB 184 for the meal, cheap by Singapore’s standard for the above spread of dim sum, but we don’t think it’s money well spent for the quality of food; maybe we didn’t pick the “right” dishes, but oh well…

上海1号私藏菜 (Shanghai No.1)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
黄浦区 (Huangpu District)
淮海东路99号 (近西藏南路) (99 Huaihai West Rd; near Xizang South Rd)
6楼 (Level 6)
Tel: +86 21 3331 7779

After brunch, we took a cab to 七浦路 (Qipu Rd) which everyone (almost) who’s heard of our trip to Shanghai told us to visit.

We checked out 1 building and got a “headache” from shopping.
It’s really chaotic in there!
People are trying to get us to check out imitation bags and watches, while stall holders are yelling their bargains or best deals.
Some shop owners have their deals recorded and played on loop.
It’s not a place where you can stop to take a look at items because the shop employers will swarm to you and bombard you with prices, quality, etc – SO, do not ask for the price of an item if you aren’t keen to buy because you’ll get never-ending bugging from them.
Prices aren’t stated on the items, so if you’re really keen on an item, be sure to bargain!
After they’ve offered a price, we would counter-offer at 30% of what they’ve mentioned then work our way up; walking off was the best way to get a bargain.
Noise aside, there was the smoking and spitting to bear with in the confined building!! 😐

Anna Sui changed her surname? 😛

After leaving the chaotic 七浦路 (Qipu Rd), we decided to head to 南京路步行街‎ (Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street) that is supposedly a good shopping street; en route, we hoped that it would not be as chaotic as 七浦路 (Qipu Rd)

As we weren’t far from 南京路步行街‎ (Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street), we decided to walk there and on our way, passed by a river, which reminded us of home…

Signage to snigger at? 😛

We walked by a “food street”:

And by chance, found 小杨生煎 (Yang’s Dumpling)!

Dumplings in the making:

Don’t judge them by their appearance, they taste yummy!! 😀

This is the 南京路步行街‎ (Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street)

Pretty Christmas tree!

Apple Store in the highly populated state…

Neon lit street:

Hello from 南京路步行街‎ (Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street)!! 😀

We were told that Macadamia Nuts which are still in their shells are nice, so we decided to try them:

Can’t really say they taste nicer, but they taste different…

Weather’s cold, so some hot chestnuts would be good comfort food too!

Another “food street” found!

Chicken and lamb skewers:

Not in Taiwan but craving deep fried chicken:

浙江梅干菜扣肉饼 (Preserved Mustard Green Braised Meat “Pancake”):

This 梅干菜瘦肉饼 (Preserved Mustard Green Braised Lean Meat “Bread”) is absolutely yummy!
(Try this at No. 186, Shanxi South Rd.)

We were still a bit hungry after all the snacking above, but not hungry enough for a meal, so we headed back to take away 小杨生煎 (Yang’s Dumpling) for “supper” 😛

小杨生煎 (Yang’s Dumpling) (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
黄浦区 (Huangpu District)
浙江中路486号(近宁波路) (486 Zhejiang Middle Rd; near Ningbo Rd)
Tel: +86 021 6350 2279

We headed back to wash up and then decided to go for a massage at Butterfly Massage parlour near New Harbour Service Apartment (上海新黄浦酒店公寓).
We paid RMB 198 (SGD 41.42) for a foot and back massage (60 minutes each), much needed after a day of walking and exploring the place.
It’s kind of expensive by China’s standard but it’s pretty cheap by Singapore’s; we’ll just spoil ourselves for today… 😛

We got a clay mask done during the foot massage:

It’s pretty interesting that the wet clay they placed over our feet got heated up and then hardened, some exothermic reaction there…
Pretty comfortable for a cold winter night! 😀

They “cracked” the mask open awhile later:

The foot massage ended with this:

The foot massage left our feet relaxed and recovered from the day of walking! 😀

The body massage was not fantastic but at least we got to loosen our muscles and relax our tired bodies. 🙂

We then returned to our apartment for our supper of 小杨生煎 (Yang’s Dumpling) and beer (3 bottles of 640ml Carlsberg Light at only RMB 21!):

They don’t taste as good taken away, so it’s best to eat them steaming hot at the shop! 😉

Comparing the two “shopping streets”, we enjoyed ourselves at 南京路步行街‎ (Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street) much more than 七浦路 (Qipu Rd).
Maybe we were in a wrong building at 七浦路 (Qipu Rd), but we wouldn’t know until we return another day!
That’s IF we even return…


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