From 黄浦 (Huangpu) to 虹口 (Hongkou)

Today was our last day at New Harbour Service Apartment (上海新黄浦酒店公寓), which is our interim accommodation before we shift to SISU Hotel (上外宾馆), an accommodation planned (kind of) by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) for the students of the Summer China Program (Australia) (SCP). (We needed an interim accommodation as we could only check-in to SISU Hotel (上外宾馆) today, while our flight from Singapore would not allow us to arrive in time for D’s orientation, which is at 330 PM today, SO we decided to come 2 days earlier to settle down too.)

Not too sure what to have for breakfast, we decided to just eat at the “hotel” then set off to check-in at SISU Hotel (上外宾馆).

Breakfast was going at RMB 88 (SGD 18.40) per pax – kind of expensive for breakfast but we wouldn’t have hotel-type breakfast once we go to SISU Hotel (上外宾馆), so we might as well have it for ‘experience’… It also saves us trouble from having to look for breakfast! 😛

Quite a grand setting for our breakfast…

If we aren’t mistaken, it’s where wedding banquets are held too!

From right to left of the spread of food…

From left to right: Congee, Miso soup, condiments for congee and rice, Japanese Rice (in the rice cooker).

Condiments for the congee and rice:

From left to right: (variety of) pickles, meat floss, nuts, seaweed, green onions.

Their spread of food:

Sorry we didn’t note what exactly they have in each.

J’s “dessert” when she has hotel-type breakfast! 😛

We’re kind of impressed by the fruits and nuts offered, like how we have our breakfast of oats and fruits when we’re in Australia… 🙂

Their spread of pastry:

Toast your pastry or bread…

Or have eggs done to your liking: sunny side-up, scrambled, omelette. 😉

Fruit platter:

We tried a little of everything, J tried a liiiiiiiiittle of everything:

J didn’t like what’s on the plate of “carbo” – the chocolate pastry was a bit too hard for her liking while the filling of chocolate was miserable; the noodles and potatoes were tasteless.
The congee and omelette were yummy (how wrong can they possibly go?).

After a hearty breakfast, we packed up and enjoyed our apartment for a bit more before leaving; the staff at New Harbour Service Apartment (上海新黄浦酒店公寓) were very helpful and helped us call for a cab to get to SISU Hotel (上外宾馆).

After a cab ride of RMB 33 (SGD 6.90), we arrived at SISU Hotel (上外宾馆).

Looks pretty simple and dull 😐

A massage parlour right beside it though, might be a saving grace?

D and Darien checking in with the assistance of Hao Yu, a staff-in-charge (to Darien’s right and partially hidden by Darien) of SCP students’ accommodation:

Still Christmas-y! 🙂

Our room:

It’s a really basic accommodation that just gives us a roof over our heads – cleaning of the room is done once a week, no towels are provided and there is no wifi too! D is provided with a Ethernet cable and internet “router” for direct LAN access, so we had to figure how to get his laptop set-up as a hotspot… 😐

Having nothing to do for the afternoon, J followed D and Darien to school for orientation.
We had to go through SISU Guesthouse (上外迎宾馆) to get to school:

The gym looks pretty impressive…

We were told by Hao Yu that it’ll cost RMB 30 (SGD 6.27) to use the gym.

This is the No. 2 Teaching Building, where the SCP students would have their lessons:

We’re guessing it’s the ‘College of International Cultural Exchange’, as stated on the signage at the entrance?

Orientation was a session to settle some admin, issue their student cards as well as to introduce the coordinators so that the SCP students would know who to turn to:

The students were also reminded of their learning platform, Moodle, which they should have already logged on by now to update their details:

After orientation, we were feeling a little hungry already (we didn’t have lunch after our rather heavy breakfast), so we decided to have early dinner at Ajisen Ramen, pretty glad to have something familiar to try:

Only RMB 110 (SGD 23) for a spread like this for the 3 of us, really cheap compared to the Ajisen Ramen in Singapore!

We’re pretty glad that there’s a bakery just nearby SISU Hotel (上外宾馆), then D and Darien can buy breakfast for themselves before heading to school.

SISU Hotel (上外宾馆) is also really near the Chifeng Rd Metro Station (赤峰路站), so it’ll be relatively easier to travel if we need to. 😉

It’s getting late so it’s time to turn in and be all ready for the first day of school tomorrow; praying the next 4 weeks of school be a fruitful one! 😀

P.S. We checked out the massage parlour on our way back – no ‘saving grace’ for this dull hotel, massage is really expensive! It’s even more expensive than the one we had last night… 😦


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