Last lunch of 2013…

After school today, instead of walking to 虹口凯德龙之梦购物中心 (Hongkou Plaza), we decided to take the metro; to have a feel of it to better decide if we should take the metro or cab when we head out later this evening.

We were travelling on Line 3 (yellow line):

Line 3 has 11 interchanges to Shanghai Metro‘s other lines!

Hello from the metro! 😛

We received a pamphlet like this yesterday:

It’s pretty cheap, considering how much we paid the first time we had it when we arrived in Shanghai last week.
What also caught our attention was the phrase, “来自新加坡的专业厨理” (Kitchen manager from Singapore?).
Anyway, it only costs RMB 78 (SGD 16.30), so no harm trying! 😛

It was also pretty crowded with relatively high turn-over of tables, guess it can’t be too bad?

Or it may just be the crowds drawn by the promotion, like us…

While waiting, we enjoyed these nuts:

Pretty addictive!!

They’re for free while we wait anyway 😛

For RMB 78 (SGD 16.30), we got…

凉菜: 皮蛋豆腐 (Cold dish: Century Egg Tofu):

Tastes pretty decent, even J who doesn’t like century egg thinks so. 😉

酸梅汤1扎 (1 jug of sour plum soup):

Tastes damn bad, like cough syrup! 😐

烤鱼加辅菜2款: 大白菜、豆芽 (BBQ-Grilled Fish with Cabbage and Bean Sprouts):

We chose to have the fish cooked in Sichuan-style (麻辣), which the guys did not like but surprisingly, J (who is not a fan of spicy food) liked!
The guys did not enjoy the meal very much because of the numbing spice as well as the many bones.
For the price we paid, it’s a pretty decent meal and we will be back if we crave for BBQ-Grilled Fish with such a deal! 😉

中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
虹口区 (Hongkou District)
西江湾路388号 (388 West Jiangwan Rd)
虹口凯德龙之梦购物中心 (近虹口足球场) (Hongkou Plaza; near Hongkou Football Stadium)
B2楼77/78号 (B2-77/78) (We believe it’s Unit 77/78, can’t find the link on webpage for Hongkou Plaza.)

After lunch, we decided to check out the wet market at Carrefour (家乐福):

All of the above are for consumption…
Yes, even the turtles (甲鱼)! 😐

They’ve got live fish for sale:

Don’t think there are live fish in Singapore’s hypermarkets, or are there?

And of course, there are the frozen meat and seafood:

We’re back in the student hotel now, to rest for a bit then head out later to meet J’s college softball team-mate for dinner and then to check out Longhua Temple (龙华寺), supposedly (one of) the place to be on New Year’s Eve.
Not too sure if the sites meant Lunar New Year’s Eve though, we’ll find out for ourselves tonight! 🙂


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