Last meet-up of 2013…

This evening, we met up with Bao Yue, J’s college softball team-mate for our last meet-up of the year.
Bao Yue made a reservation for dinner at 揽香精萃时尚餐厅 (Larsho Modern Cuisine).

We took the Metro to South Huangpi Rd and were greeted by this pretty sight when we got to 中环广场 (Shanghai Central Plaza), where 揽香精萃时尚餐厅 (Larsho Modern Cuisine) is located:

揽香精萃时尚餐厅 (Larsho Modern Cuisine) is a large restaurant that serves Sichuan-cuisine, with its entrance on level 2 and most of its dining area on level 3:

It would be a great place for dining if not for the smoke… 😐

Our pot of very fragrant and freshly brewed Chrysanthemum tea:

We caught up over dinner of great food!

This dish of 麻酱油麦菜 (sesame lettuce) is a must-try – the sauce with its spicy-taste (a little), sesame (as its name suggests) and peanut sauce, coupled with fresh, crunchy lettuce is absolutely tasty! 😀

This 红烧肉 (braised meat) is really, really fatty!!

Those fatty bits do not dissolve as easily as the 外婆红烧肉 we had yesterday. 😐

This 麻婆豆腐 (Mapo Toufu) is pretty tasty and not very spicy:

This 宫保虾球 (Kung Pao Prawns) is really savoury!! 😀

The prawns are fresh and crunchy to taste, going very well with the sauce and nuts. 😉

The final dish, 沸腾鲶鱼 (directly translated to ‘Boiling Catfish’), is the highlight of the dinner:

When the bowl was served, it was covered with the chopped, dried chilli (on the side plate in photo) and before we could take a photo of that, the waitress had proceeded to remove the chilli from the bowl.
What was eventually served to us was the sliced catfish immersed in a bowl of chilli-oil (Yes, OIL).
It’s our first time trying this, and we must say that despite the oil, the sliced catfish does taste really good with the chilli-oil! 😉

揽香精萃时尚餐厅 (Larsho Modern Cuisine)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
卢湾区 (Luwan District)
淮海中路381号 (近重庆南路) (381 Huaihai Middle Rd; near Chongqing South Rd)
中环广场 (Shanghai Central Plaza)
2-3楼 (Levels 2 to 3)

After dinner, we took a walk down the windy, bustling streets of Huaihai Rd (once known as Avenue Joffre before the Japanese occupied Shanghai in World War II) to our next destination for dessert.

The sights and scenes en route:

After a 10-minutes walk, we reached hoF, a small, warm and cozy chocolate cafe – hoF (short for House of Flour).

Lots of chocolate on the menu!!

Our order of cakes to share:

This is the ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’ (致命巧克力):

Rich, chocolate mousse with rich, chocolatey sponge – absolutely yummylicious!! 😀
“…this delightful concoction of all things chocolate is a must-try for all chocolate lovers!”

Orange Chocolate Mud Cake 橙味巧克力泥:

The chocolate cake was moist while the orange topping tasted just right and was not too sweet; the topping went really well with the cake. 😉

J had to try the Tiramisu (提拉米苏):

The Tiramisu was not to J’s liking, “not enough rum“. 😛

Last but not the least, our drinks!

D’s ‘hoF Iced Bailey’s Chocolate Freeze’:

What better time to drink something freezing than in winter but seated in a cozy place?? 😉

Darien joined D in having a cold drink too, ‘hoF Iced Cointreau Chocolate Freeze’:

This is a must-try – the Cointreau (orange liquer) went really well with the chocolate! 😀

J wasn’t as adventurous as the two men, she decided to go for a hot drink but with some alcohol, “Irish Cream Bailey’s Hot Chocolate”:

Bao Yue had the original ‘hoF Creamy Hot Chocolate’ as well as her favourite ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’:

She is obviously thrilled to be going home in 11 days’ time!! 😉

We ended our meet-up with a “last” photo of 2013:

hoF (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
卢湾区 (Luwan District)
思南路30-1号 (近淮海中路) (30 Sinan Rd; near Huaihai Middle Rd)
Tel: (+86) 6093 2058

After dessert, Bao Yue walked us to the nearest Metro Station and we parted ways for New Year’s Eve.
We went by 上海市国泰电影院 (Cathay Cinema) on the way to the metro:

Reminds us so much of home! 🙂

What caught our attention at the Metro:

“文明礼让、智者守序” (Be civilised and give way; The wise would be orderly)
Indeed, if you think ‘graciousness’ died in Singapore, make a trip to Shanghai and you’ll be shocked – no one (almost) gives way to people alighting, you need to shove your way out of the train before you get pushed in because everyone else is shoving their way in! Actually, it’s not just to board the train that you get shoved – we were pushed back into a lift we were trying to get out of on our first night here! 😐

Off we go to Longhua Temple (龙华寺) for New Year’s Eve Countdown!
May everyone have a great end to 2013 and a blasting start to 2014!! 😀


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