Mission: Explore Chifeng Rd (赤峰路)

For lunch today, we decided to have lunch in the vicinity and then explore the area.

We stumbled upon 台湾卤肉饭:

A small, cozy shop that serves delicious “homecooked food” at a decent price! 🙂

J’s chicken drumstick/thigh rice (椒盐大鸡腿饭):

Complete with sides of vegetable and egg as well as a bowl of soup (refillable) at only RMB 12 (2.50)!

D’s braised meat noodles (卤肉面):

Also with vegetables and soup but without egg at RMB 13 (SGD 2.70).

Darien and his room-mate, Alex (short for Alexander) both had beef noodles with soup:

Also at RMB 13 (SGD 2.70).

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and will be back!

中国 (China)
上海 (Shanghai)
虹口区 (Hongkou District)
赤峰路511号 (511 Chifeng Rd)
Tel: +86 131 2775 4320

After lunch, Darien headed out with Alex while we explored the area around.

We’ve got a “grocery” store and a salon just nearby:

A steamboat place and a Cantonese restaurant:

Across the street, the elderly gathered for games of chess:

This shop sells durian dessert:

We may head here someday…

We saw that all the seats were taken up in this massage parlour:

Foot massage at RMB 40 (SGD 8.40) for 60 minutes.
Definitely coming here some day!! 😉

Found a Korean-BBQ place:

Looks promising…

The clothings that we’re hung up high to dry caught our attention:

Definitely bringing our coats for a dry-wash before we leave – dry-wash of coats at RMB 20 (SGD 4.20), washing of jeans at RMB 9 (SGD 1.90) and washing of clothes at RMB 5 (SGD 1.05) each!

新疆烧烤王 – 巫山烤全鱼 caught our attention:

We decided we’ll be there for dinner later tonight… 😉


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