Beijing Olympic Park (北京奥林匹克公园)

After our early afternoon at Ming Dynasty Tombs (十三陵 定陵), Nina drove us to our next destination – Beijing Olympic Park (北京奥林匹克公园).

Check out how hazey it is! 😐

According to Nina, that dragon-looking building is a hotel.

Entrance to the Beijing Olympic Park:


The “river” looks like a dragon, no?

The Beijing Olympic Park houses the main venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Paralympics, containing 44% of the venues for the Olympics and most of other service facilities. Beijing Olympic Park is the largest group of Olympic venues in the history of the Olympics, covering an area of 11.59 square kilometres. From the north to the south, the park is divided into the North Olympic Forest Park, Central region of Olympic venues and South region of Asian Games Venues.

The National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), the National Aquatics Centre (Water Cube), the National Indoor Stadium, China Science and Technology Museum, the National Convention Centre, the Olympic Forest Park, the Catic Hotel and the Digital Beijing Building are all inside the park. There is a dragon-shaped water way going north to the south inside. There are also many sculptures, gardens, landscape lamps and the Sunken Garden that blends together both traditional and modern architectural elements.

Today, the Olympic Park is a multi-purpose centre for athletic competitions, conference and exhibitions, cultural and entertainment and also for shopping and relaxation. It is also a must-see tourist destination.

We didn’t go through the entrance as we needed to pay(?), we instead did a brief walkabout from the south.

The Bird’s Nest / National Stadium is in the background:

The river is all frozen!! We wanted to take photos on that, but weren’t too sure about it; we’ll try after we’re done with the “tour” though. 😉

Beijing Olympic Museum (北京奥运博物馆):

A closer view of the Bird’s Nest, not as good as when seen from far though (cuz we couldn’t capture the entire complex):

The dragon-looking building with 4 shorter buildings in front:

Apparently the 4 shorter buildings look like clouds in front of the dragon; all the more mystical-looking in the haze.

We returned to the frozen ‘river’ for a photo on it!! 😛

How awesome to be standing on frozen waters! 😉

We have had a great day and are glad we took up this “tour”! 😀

Darien and the Bird’s Nest:

Us and the Bird’s Nest:

A photo of J with Nina, our guide for the day:

It’s a really short visit to the Beijing Olympic Grounds because we didn’t check out the museum.

It’s been quite a day and we’re starving!
Next stop, Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (北京大董烤鸭店)!!! 😀


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