Da Dong Roast Duck = Our Best Peking Duck ever!!

After our late afternoon at Beijing Olympic Park, Nina dropped us off at (Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (北京大董烤鸭店) for dinner!

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (北京大董烤鸭店):

Check out their walls of awards!

As we had made a reservation, we were seated pretty quickly and so didn’t scrutinise the awards. 😛

When walking to our table, we walked by the roasting area:

We liked the ambience of the restaurant, especially because no one was smoking (it was atrocious in Shanghai, people could be seated right beneath the ‘No Smoking’ sign but still smoking! :x)

Our starter of Sauteed Bean Sprout:

We think it’s been sauteed with vinegar because it tasted a little vinegar-ish – took us awhile to get usedto, after which we found it was pretty tasty though.

This is THE duck:

We didn’t film how the duck was sliced, though maybe we should have.

Our table of Peking Duck, condiments and wraps; so little of the Peking Duck is left. Hmmm…

Each person gets a tray of condiments:

We were taught 3 ways to eat Peking Duck:

This is the first way of eating Peking Duck, just the roasted skin with the condiments:

This is the second way (which happens to be the usual way we eat it in Singapore) of eating Peking Duck:

This is the third way, with toasted buns:

Our favourite of the 3!

The Peking duck was really tasty!!

The skin was roasted to crisp but not too dry and still with a thin layer of fats while the meat was juicy.

We were served Duck soup to close the dish – soup was apparently cooked with what was left of our Peking duck.

Our dessert of 冰糖葫芦 (bīng táng hú lu), sugar-coated haws, which we’ve always seen in movies and finally tried for the first time yesterday. 😉

These were slightly nicer in that they were seedless. 😛

Mandarin oranges were served too:

Our bill came up to RMB 418 (SGD 87), of which RMB 268 (SGD 55) was for the Peking Duck…
This was definitely value-for-money, considering the quality of the food plus how satisfied our tums were! 😉

A row of roaster-trainees at the back, learning how to do it and waiting for their turns at roasting:

This Peking Duck we had is the best we have had so far, no regrets for the amount spent (though finances are a little tight on this exchange)! 😀

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
北京 (Beijing)
东城区 (Dongcheng District)
金宝街88号 (88 Jinbao Street)
金宝汇购物中心 (Jinbaohui Shopping Centre)
五层 (Fifth Storey)
Tel: 86-(0)10-5169-0329


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