Hus’ “climbed” the Great Wall of China!

At 8am this morning, our driver, Nina, picked us up from The Emperor (北京皇家驿栈) and drove us to our first stop, the Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城).

Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城) is about 80 km away from our hotel, so it was about a 2-hour drive later that we finally arrived at the “base”:

Mutianyu is located in Huairou District of Beijing. According to historical literatures, this section of the Great Wall was built under the supervision of General Xu Da of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in the early Ming Dynasty.

In 1987, it was selected as one of the top 16 Beijing scenes.
In 1992, was one of the top tourist spots in Beijing.
In 2002, Mutianyu was acknowledged as an AAAA tourist resort for it showed the best part of the Great Wall.
On November 11, 1990, President Jiang Zemin wrote the inscription, “慕田峪长城” (Mu Tian Yu Chang Cheng), Mutianyu Great Wall, for the resort.

This section of the Great Wall was built in a unique way. Here, there are many watchtowers and a tower called “正关台” (Zheng Guan Tai), which would be rarely seen on the Great Wall. The northwest part of the Great Wall, “牛犄角边” (Niu Ji Jiao Bian), was constructed on the 1,000-metre high mountain ridge. The “箭扣” (Jian Kou), Arrow Nock, and “鹰飞倒仰” (Ying Fei Dao Yang), Lying Eagle, sections were laid on the precipitous cliffs. This section of the Great Wall goes along the mountain ridge like “巨龙飞腾” (Ju Long Fei Teng), Flying Dragon.

The Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城) is also a resort featuring beautiful scenes all year round with a forest coverage rate of 96% – flowers in spring, brooks in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter. Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城) has been well-known home and abroad as one of the best places to see the Great Wall.

Mark, a Guide and Travel Consultant in Beijing, as well as Shawn recommended we go to the Great Wall at Mutianyu because it is not as crowded as the nearby Badaling or Juyongguan sections of the Wall.

Nina, our guide/driver, got the entrance tickets for us:

Tickets cost RMB 45 (SGD 9.40).

As it was too cold, instead of being adventurous and climb Mutianyu Great Wall proper like we originally intended to, we decided to take the cable-car instead. 😛

We paid RMB 80 (SGD 16.75) for a two-way cable-car ride; instead of climbing to the station and then taking the cable-car or toboggan down for RMB 60 (SGD 12.55).

When we went to the toilet, we saw an interesting sight:

(Look a distance behind that group of people…)

We saw a man struggling with 3 camels he was trying to bring up:

Kind of like trying to walk 3 dogs, except these are way bigger! 😛

Cable-car to “top” of Mutianyu Great Wall:

Scenery along the way:

This cable-car ride reminds us of our honeymoon in Europe when we took a train to the top of Jungfraujoch and a revolving cable-car to Mount Titlis:

Except it isn’t snowing at all… 😦


At mid-wall and less the fog, this is such a breath-taking sight:

There were some words but we couldn’t quite make them out:

Something, something, 毛主席 (Mao Zhu Xi)… 😛

Once intended to ward off enemy attacks, the Great Wall brings together the people of the world. May it continue to act as a symbol of friendship for future generations.

In gratitude for the help provided by the Henkel-group, Düsseldorf, in restoring this section of the wall.

Beijing, May 1989

IT’s really just so spectacular…

The cable-car helped us get straight to Stop 14!

Hehe! 😀

We’re happy to have found quite a travel buddy in Darien.

And of course, we are so glad and thankful to have a travel buddy in each other! 😀

It’s really amazing how the Great Wall was built!

D is thankful to have gotten to know Darien in cell group. 🙂

What a lovely backdrop!

This little “watchtower” we (above) took a photo in:

It’s kind of… cute?

We met a family of Singaporeans (a couple, who’s working in Beijing, and their son of about 4-5 years old) and they took this photo for us:

They recognised us by our ‘accent’ – though J isn’t quite proud of the monotony of the Singaporean accent, it is a way to spot a fellow Singaporean! 😉

This is the 北券门 (Bei Quan Men), North Arch:

Founded in 1404, North Arch is built using mainly stones and bricks. The ‘frame’ and arch were constructed using bricks, hence their shapes vary from each other. It opens to an aisle for reinforcement of the border troops.

View from the aisle of the North Arch:

Darien and D stretching to cover as many steps as they can:

The steps at Mutianyu Great Wall were not as ‘thick’/’high’ as we had anticipated.

View from a rising slope to a watchtower:

Different views of the Great Wall from this watchtower:

From the “first” level of the watchtower:

Of the same wall above but from the top level of the watchtower:

Of the Great Wall from the top level but other side of the watchtower:

Darien took photos for us and wanted us to pose differently cuz the same ol’s boring:

So, Darien decided that we should do “wedding/married/lovey-dovey style”:
<a href="

“Hug tighter,” Darien said.

“Come, I take couple shot with you!” D teased Darien.

Darien and the (almost) picturesque view:

A pity we had neither the clear blue sky nor the snow!

We really wonder how the Great Wall was built…

Charming D deep in thought?

It would be really pretty if it was snowing…

The scene above feels like God reminding us of Proverbs 3:5-6,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct (make smooth or straight) your paths.

That the path ahead may not be clear but He will always be there for us to direct our paths when we walk with Jesus. 🙂

The tranquility of Great Wall, this time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is just… beautiful…

Didn’t watch this but “If You Are The One 2” (非诚勿扰2) was filmed here?

We decided to return to the cable-car via the aisle from the North Arch:

Last photos with the enchanting Great Wall before we leave…

It will be even more beautiful if it snows!

When leaving, we heard a cat purring:

How did this kitty get here??

We left in a cable car which was taken by 西藏第十七世活佛葛玛巴 (Xi Zang Di Shi Qi Shi Huo Fo Ge Ma Ba), 17th Living Buddha of Tibet Karmapa, on 20 January 1999:

Upon exiting the cable-car station, we were greeted by a continuing stretch of shops:

Darien bought 2 hats, which he saw other tourists wearing:

As we made our way to the car park to meet Nina, we saw quite a handful of cats around the ticketing booth:

Not fans of cats, they look so unfriendly…

The Toboggan run ticket office:

Toboggan run tickets cost RMB 60 (SGD 12.55).

Yay! Hus’ been to the Mutianyu Great Wall (慕田峪长城), one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the top UNESCO World Heritage Site in China! 😀

Nina brought us for lunch:

After lunch, Nine drove us to Ming Dynasty Tombs (十三陵 定陵)…


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