Legend of Kung Fu (功夫传奇) @ Beijing Red Theatre (北京红剧场)

After our sumptuous dinner of Da Dong Roast Duck, Nina sent us to the Beijing Red Theatre (北京红剧场) for the finale of 2nd Day in Beijing – Legend of Kung Fu (功夫传奇).

Beijing Red Theatre (北京红剧场):

We were originally supposed to watch the Kung Fu show after our visit to the Beijing Olympic Park and before dinner, but things got shifted around, hence our tickets still showed 1715 hr:

This boy here was pretty fidgety 😛

In an ancient temple, we encounter a little boy. Through practising Kungfu and Zen, he becomes a master and finally reached the sacred goal of enlightenment.

Here are the scenes, as taken from their brochure:
Scene 1: Initiation
The little monk arrives at the temple and is initiated into the monastery and given the name ‘Chun Yi’, the pure one.

Scene 2: Learning
The little monk studied Zen and Kungfu very hard. After years have gone by, the boy becomes a man.

Scene 3: Casting
After many years of conscientious training, monk Chun Yi’s body becomes hard as iron.

Scene 4: Illusion
Chun Yi fantasises about the beautiful fairy he has created in his mind and hence is unable to continue with his practice of Buddhism.

Scene 5: Remorse
Chun Yi loses his way of Buddhist practices and suffers great remorse.

Scene 6: Temple Gate
Passing through the temple gate is a glorious rital for a monk, Chun Yi must accomplish this final task to become a warrior monk.

Scene 7: Epilogue
The old master passes on and Chun Yi becomes the Abbot.

Photo-taking and video-taping are prohibited during the show, so no photos of the show to share.
BUT, we found a video of a segment of it on Youtube:

That video was uploaded 7 years ago, but it’s still what we’d watched!

The cast:

Some of the cast were outside the auditorium for photo-taking:

We think the show was all right – it wasn’t too fantastic a show but it was not bad.
The narration was done in English, and so caters to English-speakers.
Overall, we think we’ve spent a bit of money to immerse ourselves in the ‘Chinese culture of Kung Fu’, but we think the show could’ve been better…

北京红剧场 (Beijing Red Theatre)
中国 (China)
北京 (Beijing)
崇文区 (Chongwen District)
幸福大街44号 (No.44, Xing Fu Da Jie)
Tel: 186 0002 9225
Hours of Show: Every evening, 515pm and 730pm

P.S. When googling about Beijing Red Theatre, we found a number of websites quoting a range of prices for the tickets. So you may want to do some research and get best-priced tickets!

J lazed on the “couch” along the corridor of our hotel when she got back:

Our feet are tired from 2 days of walking:

We’re enjoying the cool (an understatement) weather though! 😉

It’s our second night receiving snacks in our room, what great service from The Emperor (北京皇家驿栈)! 😀

We ended our night with some readings:

Pretty interesting and helps us to connect with some Hong Kong TVB dramas we’ve watched.

How time flies, it’s already the last night of our 3 nights in Beijing… 😦


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