Good-bye Beijing… :( Hello again, Shanghai…

After our awesome morning at South Luogu Lane / Nan Luo Gu Xiang (南锣鼓巷), it was time to check-out and head to the Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站).

We drove by 天安门 (tiān’ān mén), Gate of Heavenly Peace:

And 天安门广场 (tiān ān mén guǎng chǎng), Tian An Men Square:

This time ’round, we purchased meals from MacDonald’s for our lunch:

(We’ve learnt our lesson and are definitely not having sucky and expensive food like when we travelled from Shanghai to Beijing!)

Good-bye Beijing, we’ll miss your politeness and beauty…

Hello again, Shanghai…

Please be nice to us – may PSI be low, may people be kind and stop spitting, may smokers not smoke indoors and may motorists not horn so much on the road…


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