Cravings satisfied and not

After 3 (awesome, an understatement) nights in Beijing, we’re suffering a “bad” bout of ‘Monday blues’. 😦
And so, we had to get our cravings satisfied:

Yang’s fried dumplings (小杨生煎 / Xiao Yang Sheng Jian) to soothe our blues! 😛

D was still a little unwell (hopefully not coming down with the flu), so he had vermicelli instead:

Decently priced at RMB 12 (SGD 2.50 only!!) with a generous portion.

小杨生煎 (Xiao Yang Sheng Jian / Yang’s Fried Dumplings) (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
虹口区 (Hongkou District)
西江湾路388号 (388 West Jiangwan Rd)
虹口凯德龙之梦购物中心 (近虹口足球场) (Hongkou Plaza; near Hongkou Football Stadium)
B2楼2号 (B2-02)

Feeling lazy, we decided to take the metro home.
Upon exiting the station, we were “greeted” by this usual sight:

This 矮胖子(directly translated to mean ‘Short Fatty’)-shop, which sells soy bean milk and fried dough sticks, is always closed at lunch time and so we’ve not gotten to try it until now. 😦

Anyway, careful observation of the signage got us sniggering too…

So evil huh… 😛

In the evening, we decided to go for a foot massage at 红伊扦脚屋 which we stumbled upon on New Year’s Day:

Only at RMB 40 (SGD 8.40) for 60 minutes, we had our absolutely sore feet (from all that Beijing exploration) soothed and relaxed! 😀


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