Need something? Just ‘Tao Bao’!

Our first purchase from 淘宝网 (Tao Bao) has arrived!

A much needed humidifier to keep us from shedding our skin or “bleeding” our noses out… 😐
We’re definitely bringing this back to Brisbane to keep us “hydrated” during winter! 😀
And because we managed to get it at “New Year’s Day Special Price”, we only paid RMB 99 (SGD 20.75) for it!! 😉

淘宝网 (Tao Bao) is highly recommended by Elara and Shawn who lived in Shanghai and Beijing respectively for a while (Elara 1+3 months while Shawn 2 years), both telling us that if we need something, just ‘tao bao’ it!
We surfed the web a little and must say that 淘宝网 (Tao Bao) can be really addictive as it has a really wiiiiiiide array of items, but a down-side of it is that it’s all in Mandarin…
So well, enjoy shopping if you understand Mandarin! 😉


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