Laundry Day!

It’s our 13th day in Shanghai but don’t judge us by the title and think we haven’t been washing our clothes – we have been diligently doing our laundry but today, we’re bringing our coats for dry-washing! 😀

Anyway, before we headed to the ‘Laundry Man’, we had KFC for lunch:

5-piece chicken with 2 drinks at RMB 33 (SGD 6.90); additional whipped potato at RMB 6 (SGD 1.30).
Differences from Singapore: They only serve spicy chicken and whipped potato comes in 1 size (doesn’t taste as good though!).

Darien’s abstaining from chicken, so he tried the Ebi (prawn) burger:

Priced at RMB 29 (SGD 6) for the set meal of burger, drink and fries, we think the 5-piece chicken “meal” is a steal! 😛

After lunch, we headed over to 广灵干洗店, which we found when exploring the area around SISU Hotel (上外宾馆).

We washed J’s coat, J’s jeans, 2 sets of long johns at RMB 50 (SGD 10.50) – what a steal!! 😀

We decided to take a different route back and found another foot massage parlour, 扬州扦脚:

Foot massage at RMB 35 (SGD 7.30) for 60 minutes!
However, it looks a bit dodgy – maybe because of its location and its lack of business?

As compared to 红伊扦脚屋 which we saw last week and tried on Monday:

Nonetheless, it’s a new place found and we probably try it some day… 😉


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