Day 16 (II): Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street (南京路步行街‎)

After our early afternoon at Qibao Ancient Town (七宝古镇), we headed to Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street (南京路步行街‎), where we checked out on our second day in Shanghai but needed (kind of) to return to purchase some snacks to bring back to Singapore since we’re halfway through our time here.

We took the metro to People’s Square on Line 1 and on the train, these ads caught our attention; directly translated words aren’t exactly the best to use for ads!

People’s Square station is not only superbly busy but also insanely huge (there are 20 exits!!!)! The design of the station is also futuristic and cool:

In order to get to Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street (南京路步行街‎), take exit 7 and walk east.

Walking by 泰康食品 (tài kāng shí pǐn), at No. 768, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St, we spotted 鲜肉月饼 (xiān ròu yuè bǐng), literally meat-moon cake (instead of the usual yolk, it has meat):

鲜肉月饼 (xiān ròu yuè bǐng) costs RMB 4 for one, RMB 24 for 6 and RMB 48 for 12 while the 蟹黄月饼 (xiè huáng yuè bǐng) (crab roe-moon cake) costs RMB 10 for one, RMB 60 for 6 and RMB 120 for 12.
Obviously no ‘discount’ even if you purchase more!

Though we saw other patrons purchase them in boxes, we were hesitant about whether we’d like it and so only bought 1 to try:

The pastry was crispy yet not soggy from the meat, which was juicy and tender; however, it wasn’t exactly fantastic and so we did not buy more. (Also just in case we see better ones later; we’ll be walking by before heading back anyway…)

There were also lots of chocolates and candies sold:

The neon, brightly-lit street brightens up the gloomy, rainy day! 😉

Opposite to 泰康食品 (tài kāng shí pǐn), 百联世茂国际广场 (bǎi lián shì mào guó jì guǎng chǎng) is all ready to welcome the Year of the Horse:

After our time at 泰康食品 (tài kāng shí pǐn), we walked on and decided to check out 上海市第一食品商店 (shàng hǎi shì dì yī shí pǐn shāng diàn), at No. 720, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St:

We had walked by this Foodhall before but somehow did not check it out.

This foodhall is a 4-storey building of ‘International Foods and Gifts’ (Level 1), ‘Traditional Foods and Snacks’ (Level 2), ‘Food Court and Restaurants’ (Level 3) and ‘Popular Restaurants’ (Level 4):

‘International Foods and Gifts’ on Level 1:

Pasta imported from Italy!!

This is the ‘Traditional Foods and Snacks’ level:

‘Food Court and Restaurants’ level:

On Level 4, we saw a branch of 南翔馒头店 (nán xiáng mán tou diàn) (Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant), which we dined at yesterday:

Next, we checked out 三阳食品 (sān yáng shí pǐn) at No. 630, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St:

Most products were much more expensive than what we saw at 上海老城隍庙食品有限公司 (Shanghai Old City Food Pte Ltd) at Yuyuan Tourist Mart.

We were reminded to check out The Bund soon when we continue walking:

The next place we headed to was 真老大房食品公司 (zhēn lǎo dà fáng shí pǐn gōng sī), No. 536, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St:

Though their products were expensive…

We were attracted by the long queue that was forming at its other corner for 鲜肉月饼 (xiān ròu yuè bǐng):

It’s cheaper than what we had earlier too! 😛

蟹壳黄萝卜丝 (xiè ké huáng luó bo sī):

Mild crab taste with stronger taste of radish, but priced at RMB 3, it’s definitely cheaper than those sold at 泰康食品 (tài kāng shí pǐn)!

鲜肉月饼 (xiān ròu yuè bǐng) from 真老大房食品公司 (zhēn lǎo dà fáng shí pǐn gōng sī) tasted much better than those from 泰康食品 (tài kāng shí pǐn):

The pastry was fresh out of the oven and hence hot and crispy while the meat tasted better and juicier!

It’s little wonder why they’ve got such a queue even on a rainy day!

Continuing east, we walked by 蔡同德堂 (cài tóng dé táng) at No. 450, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St:

This four-story building is a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy founded in 1882, seling quality Chinese medicinal herbs, herbal paste, medicinal liquor, beauty treatments, health care products and some costly tonics like ginseng, white fungus and pilose antler.

We returned to 邵万生食品公司 (shào wàn shēng shí pǐn gōng sī) at No. 414, Nanjing Road Pedestrian St, where we purchased macadamia nuts and cooked chestnuts from on Day 2:

Darien wanted to purchase macadamia nuts. 😉

After his nutty purchase, we made a left and walked north along Shanxi South Rd to grab snacks for dinner.

We’re back for the skewers!

Priced at RMB 25 for Mutton, RMB 23 for Beef, RMB 16 for Kurobuta and Chicken for RMB 13.

The skewers a barbecued upon ordering:

The dudes absolutely love the skewers – hot and juicy meat!!

At No. 183, Shanxi South Rd, is 沙煜仟蛋挞王 (shā yù qiān dàn tà wáng):

Although they are priced at only RMB 1 for a Cantonese-style egg tarts and RMB 1.5 for a Portuguese egg tart, the pastry is crispy and the custard rich and creaming; definitely value-for-money!

Our final stop was No. 186, Shanxi South Rd, for 梅干菜瘦肉饼 (méi gān cài shòu ròu bǐng), Preserved Mustard Green Braised Lean Meat “Pancake”, which J has been craving for since we last tried it!

The bread is stuffed with any filling(s) ordered and then “barbecued”:

Costing only RMB 4, this 梅干菜瘦肉饼 (méi gān cài shòu ròu bǐng), Preserved Mustard Green Braised Lean Meat “Pancake”, is absolutely delicious!

The 葱油饼 (cōng yóu bǐng), Scallion “Pancake” (RMB 3) wasn’t as tasty though:

We headed back after dinner – it’s been a fruitful “shopping” (more like snacking) trip for us to soak in more of Shanghai! 🙂


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