Dinner @ Xin Xiang Hui (辛香汇)

After our 4.5 hr heritage walk / walking tour of the French Concession, we were absolutely starved and needed dinner.

We dined at 辛香汇 (xīn xiāng huì):

At the 西藏中路店 (xī zàng zhōng lù diàn) outlet because that was the nearest to Fuxing Park, where we ended our tour.

珍味豆腐 (zhēn wèi dòu fu):

This beancurd was savoury with the little vegetable bits with some shreds of meat.

麻酱油麦菜 (má jiàng yóu mài cài), Sesame Lettuce::

We first tried ‘Sesame Lettuce’ when we dined with Baoyue and now order it whenever we see it on the menu. 😛
We love that the sauce with its spicy-taste (a little), sesame and peanut sauce, coupled with fresh, crunchy lettuce is absolutely tasty!

咸蛋黄南瓜 (xián dàn huáng nán guā), Salted Egg Pumpkin:

The salted egg yolk complimented the pumpkin and was salty-sweet.

口水鲶鱼 (kǒu shuǐ nián yú), Catfish:

Served in a bowl of chilli oil, this catfish is so soothing when eaten in winter.

土豆泥 (tǔ dòu ní), mashed potato:

This ice-cream looking dish is actually mashed potato and is a cold dish; new experience to have cold mashed potato but it was so delicious we finished all of it.

炸馒头 (zhà mán tou), fried bun:

We craved for something sweet and so ordered this dish, which went well with the condensed milk.

辛香汇 (xīn xiāng huì) (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
黄浦区 (Huangpu District)
金陵东路500号 (近西藏中路) (500 Jinling East Rd; near Xizang Middle Rd)
亚龙国际广场 (Yalong International Plaza)
4楼 (Level 4)

It may have been a long day but it’s been absolutely fruitful! 😀

We ended our day with a massage at 红伊扦脚屋 (hóng yī qiān jiǎo wū) of our fatigued feet from 4 days of walking (South Bund Soft Spinning Material Market and Xin Tian Di on Thursday, Fake Market and Yuyuan Garden Tourist Mart on Friday, Qibao Ancient Town and Nanjing Rd, Pedestrian Street on Saturday and finally the French Concession today!):

An absolutely soothing soak in hot water:

And a very relaxing massage by strong fingers:

Only RMB 40 (SGD 8.40) for 60 minutes…

Ahhhhh, we are so blessed! 😀


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