Eat, study, eat again…

Today, we decided to head to 虹口凯德龙之梦购物中心 (Hongkou Plaza) to grab lunch and get work done.

Lunch was at 佳家汤包 (Jia Jia Tang Bao):

We decided to have 12 (RMB 13 / SGD 2.70) to ourselves! 😀

We didn’t quite want to go back to 茶香书香 (Chastory), so we walked around to look for a new “study-spot” and found 芒果香山 (Dessert Story)!

Darien’s coconut-mango drink:

D’s mango-honey pudding drink in the background and J’s watermelon-honey pudding drink in the foreground:

The drinks are freshly blended or cut with no additional sweetener added – natural fruity goodness! 😀

Paying only half of the cost of tea at 茶香书香 (Chastory), we got WiFi and a comfortable study-place. 🙂

芒果香山 (Dessert Story) (multiple locations)
中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
虹口区 (Hongkou District)
西江湾路388号 (388 West Jiangwan Rd)
虹口凯德龙之梦购物中心 (近虹口足球场) (Hongkou Plaza; near Hongkou Football Stadium)
B2楼60号 (B2-60)

J wasn’t feeling too good (her body has finally succumbed to the poor air quality here) and so we had dinner at 一线汤捞 (The Link):

J will be turning in for the night while D will be meeting Darien to rehearse for their upcoming presentation.


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