Sleep/School, Eat, Sleep/Study, Eat, Sleep/Study…

J is still unwell today, so she slept in till late when D went to school.

D returned from school with lunch for J:

Although nursing a sore throat and should not be having fried food, J was craving for the 豆浆油条 (soy bean milk and fried dough stick) which she had last week from 永和大王 (Yong He Da Wang).
To “counter” that, D bought J century egg with meat congee from 食尚特色餐饮, which she tried on Sunday.
D also managed to grab a 手抓饼 (crepe) from the 矮胖子 (directly translated to mean ‘Short Fatty’)-shop to try; priced at RMB 4 (SGD 0.85), it was savoury but a tad too oily. 😐

After a satisfying lunch, J took her medication and went back to sleep while D worked on his paper.

For dinner, we headed out for Korean food:

D and Darien shared the Sausage Hotpot:

J tasted the soup (by eating just “a strand” of Enoki Mushroom) and it was too spicy for her, way way way too spicy for her… 😐
Anyhow, it was definitely value-for-money – the Sausage Hotpot only cost RMB 55 (SGD 11.50) and was filling for the two men!

J had curry cutlet rice instead:

The curry cutlet rice, priced at RMB 25 (SGD 5.25), is not exactly cheap compared to the hotpot and the cutlet was over-fried.

As we had dinner, there was a little scuffle between 3 patrons (1 man and 2 women) at another table and the cashier – When the patrons were done with dinner and asked for bill, they said they would be paying with voucher to which the cashier refused collection because the patrons did not told the staff beforehand and it was against “policy”. The patrons then kicked up a big fuss and said how they had originally enjoyed their meal but their joy short-lived because they are unable to use the coupon they bought from 大众点评 (Dian Ping); they even threatened to leave bad comments on the shop’s page! (To that, we thought the patrons were ridiculous and scheming – isn’t it “protocol” to inform the restaurant (or not) when ordering food?) Anyhow, the situation was soon brought under control and the patrons could use their voucher – they needed to however top up RMB 9 as they had spent RMB 259 (voucher was valued at RMB 250) and the man said all 3 of them do not have cash and hence needed to transfer the money instead (Our thoughts, “Seriously?? 3 well-dressed adults who do not even have RMB 9 to spare? Kidding us or what??). Of course, the cashier did not budge and instead asked him to go draw the money while the 2 women waited for him at the shop. With that suggestion, that man miraculously felt cash in his pocket – he pulled out a stack of money and then proceeded to throw a RMB 20 note on the counter, how rude!

Witnessing the above, we think that the service is commendable and we’ll be back. 😉

中国 (China)
上海市 (Shanghai)
虹口区 (Hongkou District)
中山北一路 (Zhongshan North 1st Rd) – we aren’t too sure of the unit, but it’s on D’s way to school from SISU Hotel (上外宾馆) along 中山北一路 but before Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).

And again, J will be turning in for the night while D will be meeting Darien for a final rehearsal of their presentation, which is due tomorrow.

So why is the entry titled as such?
Because J slept when D went to school, both had lunch, then J slept again while D studied, both had dinner, and then J slept again while D studied (prepared for presentation) – what a sleepy-head J is! 😛


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