Graduation (from Exchange Programme) Dinner

In the blink of an eye, we’re in the 3rd week of the Summer China Program for Australia and tonight, the university had a little graduation dinner for all participants of the program at Babela’s Kitchen nearby:

It’s a costume party and despite our reluctance about dressing up, we decided to join in for some fun.

For the night, Mr. & Mrs Hu became Mr. & Mrs “Superman” 😛

Because of copyright issues, the Superman logo couldn’t be used.

Darien was Harry Potter:

A photo with Emperor Nigel, their lecturer for the course, and Batman Alex, Darien’s room mate:

A photo with Emperor & Empress Nigel:

They’re humourous – they walked from their motel to the venue, and were amused that passers-by were giving them weird looks! Of course, they’re dressed up as an Emperor and Empress in China!! 😛

Dinner was served soon and here’s the very simple meal every table of 4 was served:

IF the food wasn’t sufficient, you’ll need to order more at your own expense! Guess it isn’t so much about filling our stomachs but about having everyone together?

Graduation “gifts” for everyone:

There were some games going on:

There was even a “dance battle” between Nigel and another student!

Students from Nigel’s ‘Fundamentals of Marketing’ course:

Characters from Journey to the West, Sandy (沙悟净 / shā wù jìng) and Pigsy (猪八戒 / zhū bā jiè):

With the entire crew of Journey to the West:

Well, almost the entire crew, someone was cut off by the photographer… =.=

With the program coordinators:

We’d wanted to be the Mario brothers but failed to get them first (but of course, who else can be first to choose and reserve the costumes?? 😛 )

Students from UQ:

Superman, Harry Potter, Prince of Persia and Batman:

Harry Potter, Mr. & Mrs Superman, Pocahontas and Batman:


The graduation dinner soon ended and so we’ve got on our coats and off we went!

The graduation dinner turned out pretty well with all the photo-taking! 😉


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