Hus’ (new) place! ;)

Yesterday, we shifted into our new place and are now pretty settled in.
We found this new place last October, one of the things we were really thankful for about 2013, and despite a few hiccups, we’re still pretty happy to be here!

Here’s a “tour” of our place, which isn’t very big but is good enough for us. 🙂
This is the entrance to our room:

Right at the end is the study table.

The bathroom is right at the entrance to our room:

From left to right, we have a bookshelf, the study table, bed, small bedside table and a dining table:

This is our kitchen!

We have a pantry (left in green), microwave (above the pantry), 2-in-1 stove and oven, washing machine (behind the dining table) and a fridge.

These are the utensils/crockery/cleaning “tools” in the cabinets:

On top of a Tefal frying pan and a Happy Call Double-Sided Pan which we have (the former given to us by Jason and the latter purchased when D went to Korea in 2012), we still bought our own set of utensils, dish rack, set of knives and chopping boards.

This is how our new place looks now, after allllllllll the unpacking. (Didn’t enjoy the unpacking because it was so hot and stuffy – didn’t have a fan! 😡 If all goes well here, we’ll stay on for the next year as well. Let’s see where God takes us! 😉 )

Can you spot the Singapore flag?? 😛

D doesn’t like the mosaic-tiled floor, so we’ve got floor mats and rugs placed at “strategic” positions for him to get in and out easily.

We brought the calligraphy done in Suzhou along:

The word at the top is not a real Chinese word, but a word made up of words.
It may be read as “日日有见才,日日有见财” (rì rì yǒu jiàn cái, rì rì yǒu jiàn cái) and is a word 唐伯虎 (táng bó hǔ), Tang Bo Hu, a Chinese scholar/calligraphist/painter created for his daughter to remind her to gain some knowledge (才 / cái) daily (日日 / rì rì) so that eventually, she would gain wealth (财 / cái) daily (日日 / rì rì).
And so, we’ve got that calligraphy up in the room to remind us of the above too – to gain knowledge everyday. 🙂

The rest of it is a poem, read from right to left, made up of both of our names in the first line.

俊才浩志气宇轩 (jùn cái hào zhì qì yû xuān)
俊才: 亦作”俊材” 、卓越的才能 、才智卓越的人 [Excellent capabilities, vast knowledge]
浩志: 卓越的斗志 [Determined]
气宇轩 (昂): 形容人精力充沛,风度不凡 [Energetic, Charismatic]

杰出睿智谱新篇 (jié chū ruì zhì pû xīn piān)
杰出: 有出众的才能、成就 [Outstanding capabilities, results]
睿智: 见识卓越、富有远见 [wise and far-sighted]
谱新篇: 创新改革 [write new chapters]

雅姿婉美婷如玉 (yá zī wân mêi tíng rú yù)
雅姿: [elegant, graceful, refined carrying of self]
婉美: 美好、柔美 [complete, elegant]
婷如玉: [pretty, attractive, graceful like jade/gem/precious stone]

枚枝并连情永牵 (méi zhī bìng lián qíng yông qiān)
枚枝: [trunk of tree, branches]
并连: [connected]
情永牵: [forever sentimental]
= 我们的结合就像一棵鸳鸯树永远相亲相爱 [We will be forever together and forever in love!]

We bought a shoe rack too and decorated the shelf:

(A bit messy on the right – J’s stuff… “Organised mess”… 😛 )

And have decorated the wall with photos and “notes”.

We may be far from home but we have our family and friends right here with us! 🙂

These are notes from friends who have visited us.

We’re looking forward to more love from our family and friends this year!! 😉

We added a table cloth to the dining table so that it’ll be easier to clean-up after our meals.

We also did away with the 2-in-1 stove and oven, it was taking up too much space…

Just a 15 minute walk from school, we’re now paying a rent of $270 per week for a studio apartment with water, electricity and internet all-inclusive.
Main issue we’ve got though, is that the internet is weak and unstable. 😦
We’ve applied for our own internet service and need to wait 10 to 20 working days (that’s like 2 weeks to a month!?) for it to be up.
Other than that, all is good here – we’re close to nature, we’re pretty self-sufficient and we’re happy! 😀


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