Saturday Fresh Market @ Rocklea

Instead of going to Davies Park Market at West End, we decided to head to the Saturday Fresh Market at Rocklea, known as Brisbane MarketPlace, instead.

Like West End, parking rate is $3 at Rocklea.

$3 Vehicle entry

There are two car parks available onsite. One is off Martin Taylor Drive and another is located 300m from Martin Taylor Drive heading towards Oxley Road.
Ticket price includes car park and all passengers in the car.

You can choose to pay for parking combined with your entry fee within the Market site for $3 per car (including entry for the driver and all passengers in the car), by turning into Martin Taylor Drive off Sherwood Road or driving another 300m towards Oxley Road and turning left into our new car park development.
Or, you can pay $1 entry fee at the Brisbane MarketPlace pedestrian entry on the corner of Sherwood Rd and Martin Taylor Drive.”

J likes Rocklea better than West End because of the bigger car park (hence greater ease of getting a lot), greater number of stalls (hence more choices) and the availability of tables+chairs for consumption of food. (J was too busy with grocery shopping and savouring her first Aussie brunch, hence didn’t take photos, so we’ll have photos next time, promise! 😉 )
Though both markets are open only on Saturdays, Rocklea is only opened till 12 noon but West End is opened till 2pm, so the latter is probably better for late-risers?

These huuuuuuge watermelons caught our eyes:

Only 99¢ per kg, but upon googling, we found out that it’s cheaper at Coles – 88¢ per kg.

Here are prices of some of our regularly consumed items and their prices (cheapest we saw) at Rocklea/Brisbane MarketPlace:

  • Lettuce $1 each
  • Tomato $1.50 bag for 5-6 (1kg?)
  • Broccoli $2.99/kg
  • Mushrooms $4.99/kg
  • Carrots (1kg bag) $1.50
  • Garlic (1kg bag) $1.50
  • Red onion (1kg bag) $1.80 bag
  • Ginger $9.99/kg
  • Chilli $1.35 bag (more green than red)

After we were done with grocery shopping, we settled down to brunch:

Hungarian hot dog and fried spring rolls.

J’s soy caffè latte and D’s long black.

Hungarian bread with salsa:

J loves this, because of all the grated cheese sprinkled on it!! 😀

Overall, grocery shopping at these fresh produce markets are different from shopping at supermarkets.
Also very different from grocery shopping in Singapore, where the wet markets are just so-Singaporean and unique to us. 😉

Brisbane MarketPlace
Sherwood Road
QLD 4106
Tel: 07 3915 4277
Fax: 07 3915 4291
Hours of Business: Saturdays – 6am to 12noon

The Market is open every Saturday from 6.00am – 12 noon with over 190 stalls offering a huge selection of fruit & vegetables, quality meats and poultry, fresh cut flowers, breads and baked goods, gourmet and deli lines, indoor and outdoor plants and lifestyle products.

The outstanding value of fresh produce available and relaxing atmosphere draws over 6,500 eager shoppers every Saturday. Brisbane MarketPlace is fully paved with most walkways under shade sails for the comfort of Market customers. Take a break from your shopping and relax with a well deserved coffee or a wide variety of international cuisine while enjoying live entertainment at the food court stage.”


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