Seafood/Meat Shopping @ Inala Civic Centre

After grocery shopping at Brisbane Market Place this morning, we headed to Inala Civic Centre to buy seafood and meat.

Our first stop, Kim Loan Supermarket, where we entered at random (or out of curiosity) and ended up purchasing sauces:

Prices we’ll share here for easy price comparison. 😉

  • Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce 510g $6.89
  • Pandaroo Sesame Oil 640ml $6.15
  • Pearl River Bridge Light Soy Sauce 600ml $2.35
  • Pearl River Bridge Dark Soy Sauce 600ml $2.40

Kim Loan Supermarket
Tel: 07 3372 9842

Our next stop was An Khang Butchery & Seafood:

The prices of meat (“we” (our previous housemates) usually buy meat here) fluctuates, but here’re prices of what we purchased today:

  • Chicken breast $8.99/kg
  • Pork Loin $10.99/kg
  • Minced pork $6.99/kg
  • Potersteak $13.99/kg

The meat were generally fine except for the chicken breasts – though the chicken breasts are cheaper than Coles ($11.48/kg) or Woolworths ($13.99), those from Inala somehow seemed to smell a bit pungent and had blood clots in them.

An Khang Butchery & Seafood
Tel: 07 3372 6487

Our final stop was the fish market next to Duong Dong Groceries:

We only checked the salmon and squid out:

  • Australian Salmon $20.99/kg
  • Squid $10.99/kg

They clean your buys out for you too!

Duong Dong Fish Market
Tel: 0432 773 065

Right beside the fish market is fresh produce grocer, Duong Dong:

They’ve got quite a spread too, maybe in time to come, we may just buy our fresh produce from here too?

Duong Dong
Tel: 07 3372 8300

Overall, the Inala Civic Centre offers a spread of Asian groceries, “fresh” produce, meat and seafood at prices that are cheaper (generally) at supermarkets. 😉

Inala Civic Centre
QLD 4077


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