Slow-Cooker Soup Attempt #1

1 thing I’m excited about having our own place is that I can buy a slow-cooker and cook soups!
I’m very “Chinese” in the sense that I like drinking soup and eating rice. 😛

And so, this evening, I tried cooking ABC (?) soup: carrot, potato, tomato, onion and loin meat (I like lean meat…):

The slow-cooker was switched on from 11 AM to 7 PM but it did not boil at all.

The potato and carrot were cooked but a bit too hard, so I think the setting for the slow cooker’s wrong?
I shall try a different setting the next time ’round…

I also prepared steamed tofu/egg with chopped garlic and preserved lettuce, it was more flavourful than the soup – no idea yay or nay… 😐

Just googled the slow-cooker to find out if I’ve used it wrongly and just found out that maybe it isn’t all that good after all. 😐
I used it on ‘auto’ though, so I shall use it on ‘high’ another time and see how it goes…

Side-note: Since our return to Brisbane, we’ve started eating brown rice…
For the reasons listed here, especially that it lowers cholesterol, which I tested ‘high’ (not ‘borderline high’ but ‘high‘) for in May 2013.
I’m gonna have to use these 2 years to fine-tune my body to get ready for pregnancy in September 2015 (I want a June 2016 baby… 😛 )!


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