Brunch @ Cosmopolitan Coffee

D purchased a “2 x Fortitude Valley – ANY Brekkie Meal – Cosmos Coffee Breakfast” for $10 from Scoopon and so we headed for our first Aussie brunch (since our return) today (no booking required, just present printed voucher on arrival).

There was some renovation going on on Brunswick Street, so we had some difficulty finding the café; possibly also because it was pretty run-down and hence not eye-catching? (Like we didn’t even think it was a café?) PLUS it was quite deserted, and so we were kind of apprehensive about having brunch there… 😐

Nonetheless, we still went ahead to order our food because it’s just $5 each – you pay for what you get right?

To start off our brunch, the service was great – the staff was cheery (maybe that’s the way service is in Aussie 😉 ) and really saw to our needs; J wanted ‘Iced Soy Latte’ and she was asked if she’d like ‘ice cream’ or ‘ice’ to “cool” her coffee:

Pretty obvious what J chose, and she loved the coffee!
No drinks with the Scoopon deal, but we only topped up $8 for the above – what a steal for good coffee! 😀

J’s ‘Cosmo Eggs’ of ‘Toasted sourdough, bacon, sauteed mushroom, roasted tomato, poached eggs & pesto’:

D’s ‘Cosmo breaky’ of ‘Toasted sourdough, steak, bacon, hash brown, cocktail sausages, sunny side-up, tomato relish’:

Both our orders were tasty and done right – D’s order came with steak, definitely a steal!! 😉
Cosmopolitan Coffee is definitely an example of ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ – the venue really doesn’t look any good but the coffee and food were good!
Of course, we think the café could do with some decorations and clean-up – halfway through our meals, something black near J’s left foot caught her eye: it was a flattened bug with its appendages still moving, probably struggling to death (or to live??). It looked like a cockroach or grasshopper though – absolutely disgusted (and scared) us! 😦

Cosmopolitan Coffee
Cosmopolitan Coffee on Urbanspoon
322 Brunswick St
Fortitude Valley
QLD 4006
Tel: (07) 3252 4179
Hours of Business: Weekdays, 7am – 2pm;
Weekends, 7am – 12pm


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