Scuba Skydiving : From Skydiver to Scuba Diver…

It’s gonna be a beautiful day. We’re gonna get into a chopper, go flying out over the Barrier Reef and dive right into it!

Double shots of adrenaline!!!

The above is happening in Queensland, Australia… Right where we are! 😉
However, it’s a great pity that a skydiving license is needed to skydive solo, else this whole ‘skydiver to scuba diver’ thing is the next thing to do before Junior(s) Hu arrive!
ANYHOW, plans are on the way to go diving at Great Barrier Reef, updates in time to come!
In the meantime, we shall get our masks and have J perfect her “mask-skills” – she is neither hydrophobic nor scared of open/closed spaces, she just isn’t all that confident of herself underwater – maybe it’s just everything coming together to overwhelm her? 😐


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