VW Car Maintenance @ Prestige & Performance

We headed to Prestige & Performance early this morning to drop our car off for minor maintenance.
Not only because we received the lowest quote ($350 for a minor servicing of our VW Jetta 2006) but also because they specialise in VW, Audi and BMW. 😉

Our car was dropped off at the front/outdoor portion of the workshop:

(Photo credit: Prestige & Performance)

Cars are eventually serviced in the workshop:

(Photo credit: Prestige & Performance)

We’d thought we were early, arriving at 830am (an hour after opening) but other people were earlier. 😐
When we made the reservation for servicing over the phone, we were told we’ll be able to collect our car at about noon if we dropped them off early in the morning; however, because there were so many other cars ahead of ours, we were told we may have to wait till late afternoon, at about 4pm. 😦

With so much time to kill, we decided to “chill” at a café nearby.

While making our way around, we saw this car with eyelashes on:

We had thought of going to a shopping centre to shop around for a bit if we see any; we did not see any fancy shopping centre, but saw an old Myer instead:

We ended up at Cafeine, where we asked the staff if it was all right if we stayed till about 2pm as we were waiting for our car to be maintained and she replied that she’s shocked we needed to wait so long but is glad to have us there.
What welcoming service! (Of course, on the other hand, even if she didn’t want us hogging seats, she couldn’t possibly have told us. Or wait, I think they would…)

Anyhow, we settled ourselves down at Cafeine – D worked on his tutorial over a hot cuppa Long Black while J read Insurgent over an Iced Soy Latte.

We’re so indulgent today because we’ve got hours to kill while waiting for the car to be maintained yet do not want to travel back and forth…

Cafeine is a simple yet stylishly designed café that was peaceful to read at.
The turnover rates of guests were quite high, with a wide variety of people coming in to grab their cups of coffee or breakfast and reading.

It was soon time for us to have lunch – as D studied and J read, we noticed what some patrons had and decided to try them out:

D’s ‘Bacon & Egg Sandwich on Turkish Bread with Pesto’ and J’s ‘Mushroom & Egg Sandwich on Turkish Bread with Pesto’ (special request which can’t be found on menu).

Halfway through our lunch (at 1230pm) while we were reading (and eating), D received a phonecall from Prestige & Performance to let us know that our car has been serviced and is ready for collection – that’s 3.5 hours ahead of the original expected time! 🙂
Nonetheless, we savoured our sandwich before leaving.

The sandwiches, with their fillings, were grilled to a perfect combination with each other – all the ingredients went well with each other.
We had a great morning at Cafeine – enjoyed our cups of coffee, had a great ambience for studying/reading and finally had a juicy lunch.

We’ll definitely be back! 😉

Cafeine on Urbanspoon
186 Cavendish Rd
QLD 4151
Tel: 07 3847 7433
Hours of Business: Weekdays – 6am to 4pm weekdays
Weekends – 6am – 2pm

We went back to Prestige & Performance and were mentally prepared to pay up to $400 for the maintenance.
To our surprise, the bill only came up to $290.
We aren’t experts with car maintenance, but we think the mechanics were ‘honest’ in their servicing and did not go on to do more than what was expected and then charged us for ‘unnecessary’ servicing, true to their promise, “no extra hidden charges“.

Prestige and Performance is your dealership alternative for european car servicing and performance car upgrades…We offer manufacturer log book servicing (which will not affect your manufacturer’s warranty) for all late model vehicles using synthetic oils and genuine or aftermarket parts depending on your needs and budget, all combined with a 1 year or 15,000 km warranty on all parts and labor…Fully trained in Volkswagen, Audi and BMW servicing and repairs…“-Prestige & Performance

Prestige & Performance (Facebook)
25 Morley Street
QLD 4151
Tel: (07) 3324 0611
Fax: (07) 3324 0633
Hours of Business: Mondays to Fridays, 7.30am – 5pm

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